Starbucks launches its own digital asset, NFT, this year

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Starbucks confirms launch of nfts

As the concept of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) continues to be the focus of the market, companies are investing more resources to develop future strategies. From clothing and accessory brands to restaurant chains, we’ve recently seen several companies trying to enter the NFT space. Currently, Starbucks has joined the party and announced that it will invest in NFTs and digital assets by the end of the year.

Starbucks will soon enter the NFT

Starbucks, a multinational chain, has recently revived its trusted CEO Howard Schultz as the company’s challenges grow. At the open forum, Schultz spoke to many Starbucks partners and employees to share their vision for the future.

apart from Suspension of stock repurchase program To invest in Starbucks partners and stores for long-term growth, the CEO also mentioned Starbucks’ plans to enter the digital space in the future.

Schultz said he wasn’t familiar with digital technology and asked participants about the hype about NFTs and cryptocurrencies.While talking about this, the CEO said: Starbucks plans to launch its own digital assets by the end of 2022...

Details of the company’s NFT and digital asset plans are currently obscured, but Starbucks Reveals more information about the same in the coming weeks, According to the official blog post. Schultz, meanwhile, said he plans to travel around the world to visit Starbucks stores and manufacturing plants, interact with his partners and employees, and discuss the future of the company.

“I ask you to accept every step of the road, the standard of excellence, not the standard of mediocrity, and praise everything Starbucks has stood for 50 years. We promise to come out of here like a terrible tsunami. “ Schultz said.

A short clip of Schultz’s speech can be found in the open forum in the video attached below.

Details will be announced soon. In the meantime, share your thoughts on Starbucks digital plans in the comments below.