Spotify for Android Tests New Floating Mini Player UI

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Spotify is gradually rolling out a redesigned mini player on Android. It has a floating effect and rounded corners, making it more modern and visually pleasing to the user. Also, the colors now change based on the album art. However, it may not be displayed immediately.

Spotify redesigned mini player UI

As first discovered by people in Android police, Spotify’s new mini player is deployed in a stable version of Android.In typical Spotify fashion, the feature is Get a server-side rollout Also, even if you are using the latest version, it may not be displayed immediately. I checked 3 devices using the latest version of Spotify, but it wasn’t live.

Judging by the image Android police One of the notable changes shared here is the relocation of the progress bar. Previously the progress bar was at the top of the mini player, but it has been redesigned to move it to the bottom. See the comparison between the old Spotify mini player and the new player below.

Identify the current UI and the new UI
Image 2 courtesy of Android Police

Interestingly Mini players now also choose accent colors from the song’s album art..Under media player control[ホーム],[検索],and[ライブラリ]The background of the button is transparent. Check out the different color variations of the Spotify mini player below. Android police:

Spotify mini player color variations
Image: Android police

For now, we have to wait for Spotify to roll out this feature more widely. To increase your chances of getting this feature right now, make sure your Spotify app has been updated to the latest version available on the Google Play store.

Update Spotify from Play Store