Spotify bots are a threat and are blocking public playlists

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Spotify bots are blocking users' public playlists. Please see here for the detail!

If you’re an avid Spotify user, you know that this platform allows users to create public and collaborative playlists that others can access and post songs. Using this feature, multiple Spotify bots have interfered with users’ playlists by adding unwanted songs and changing playlist titles. The threatening bot is named “Ashley”, but there are two other similar bots named “Elsie” and “Emma” that do the same thing and bother Spotify users. I am.

Spotify bot interferes with user playlists

The bot was recent Discovered by popular TikToker and lo-fi music composer JW Francis He was reacting to a Spotify playlist featuring his song. Francis shared a TikTok video a week ago. In this video, we’re looking at all the playlists that feature his songs.In the video he came across a playlist named “Ashley ???? Don’t add anything to the playlist ??? !!!”

Following this video, many of his fans commented on it, stating that their playlists were also disturbed by “Ashley.”Seeing the comments, Francis shared another video he passed the next day. Numerous playlists ruined by Spotify’s Ashley bot.. In the image below, you can see some of the playlist titles that playlist creators are using to keep Ashleybots out of the playlist.

Spotify bots are blocking users' public playlists. Please see here for the detail!

Now, following the run that ruins the playlist, the netizens have theorized some explanations about who Ashley really is, or what it is.Francis says it Ashley is one of many bots created by solo artists and musicians to promote their accounts. Increase your listening stats with Spotify. He also discovered that Ashley (or Emma) was exclusively adding songs from a particular Spotify user named Pesukone to the playlist. And our team, Anmol, also had his collaborative playlist disturbed by this bot and Pesukone music being promoted this way. Check out the screenshots here:

Spotify bot interferes with collaborative playlists

Looking at Pesukone’s Instagram profile, I found that it is a Finnish-based group that introduces unknown artists and musicians from around the world. However, there was no evidence that Pesukone was connected to Ashley.

Users are also concerned about Reddit, hoping to find a solution to the growing number of bots on Spotify, getting links to public playlists and adding unwanted songs. However, there is no other solution to this issue at this time, except to manually remove the added songs and bot users, identify the bot and block it with Spotify. We hope Spotify understands our concerns and will soon publish a fix for this annoying playlist hijacking issue.