Spotify adds a new feature feed to notify users about new releases

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Popular music streaming giant Spotify is adding new features to its platform to improve the user experience.The latest addition is new “what’s new” A feed that adds a dedicated section to your mobile app to notify users about new releases from your favorite artists and podcast creators.

The Swedish music streaming giant announced new features of the app through an official blog post. According to Spotify, artists and creators upload over 50,000 hours of content every day. That’s why Spotify has added a dedicated feed to help users find and track new songs, podcasts, and shows on the platform.

What’s New in Spotify

The new “What’s New” section of the app[ホーム]It appears as a bell icon at the top of the tab. Tap this icon to take users to a new section that contains new releases from different artists and creators. From there, users can find new songs, podcasts and shows from their favorite creators when uploading to Spotify.

Image courtesy of Spotify

Users can access and follow their favorite artists’ Spotify profiles,[新着情報]You can also get real-time updates in the section. As a result, when a following artist or content creator uploads a new song, podcast, or episode, the user will see a blue dot indicator on the bell icon.

In addition, the What’s New section has filter options that allow users to easily sort different types of content, such as songs, podcasts, and episode views. In this way, they will find it easier than ever to find what they are looking for.

As new features become available, What’s New features are now being rolled out to Spotify users around the world. It will be available on both Spotify for Android and Spotify for iOS. It will be open to all users in the coming weeks.