Sony PlayStation 5 will soon get support for variable refresh rates

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Sony ps5 console

Sony has announced that variable refresh rate (VRR) support, which it has long planned to deploy, will finally reach PlayStation 5 within a few months. The exact launch date has not been disclosed, but the company has confirmed plans to introduce it soon. In addition, PS5 and PS4 updates have been introduced, adding some new features. Let’s take a look at all the details.

Sony PS5 Get VRR Support Immediately

Before we dive into the details of our upcoming appointments, take a look at the VRR part. The Sony PlayStation 5 variable refresh rate feature works with compatible TVs and monitors via HDMI 2.1.. For those who don’t know, VRR changes the refresh rate based on the PS5’s graphic output. This improves visuals, reduces input lag, and eliminates screen issues such as screen tearing and frame pacing.

This feature supports many games. New games will support it at launch, while older and existing games will be supported by updates soon. Sony will add for those that do not support VRR New options to improve the visual quality of those games.. However, there is also an option to disable VRRs as the game may face some issues.

Sony's ps5vrr feature coming soon

Details of the Sony PS5 VRR, including the names of titles that support it, will be announced shortly.

Details of the latest Sony PS5 and PS4 updates

Going back to what PS5 and PS4 users now have, Sony is adding some “fan-requested” features to both consoles. This is Ability for players to participate in both PS4 and PS5 open and closed parties.. Open parties are visible to everyone, but closed parties require an invitation. In addition to the monaural audio changes for headphones, the PS5 has new game-based and trophy card enhancements.

US and UK users can also test the voice command feature on the PlayStation 5. This allows you to easily access PlayStation 5 apps, settings, etc. using voice commands.

The company has also introduced some improvements to the PS and PS Remote Play apps. For the PS app, users can join open and closed parties through the PS app itself. The game-based UI of the PS app has been updated to make it easier for users to find friends, messaging features and more.

Sony PS App Update

For the PS Remote Play app Users will be able to use dark mode Choose from new screen reader languages ​​such as Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai, and Chinese (traditional simplified languages). It is compatible with both Android and iOS.