Snapiel TORRAS Screen Protector Review: Is This For You?

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Whenever you buy a new iPhone or other smartphone in that regard, you put a fair amount of money on it. You can use it with caution, but it will cause an accident. And to prevent these accidents from damaging your bank, you need a screen protector because the display is the most expensive to replace.

I recently got the opportunity to use a Snapiel TORRAS screen protector. And it’s at the top of the product I’ve used and there’s something really special about it. Read together to find out what it is.

Snapiel TORRAS screen protector unpacking experience

Unpacking experience of Snapiel TORRAS

The Snapiel TORRAS package is really good. Get guidance frames to help you apply screen protectors, wet wipes, dry wipes, and dust removal stickers. And the box is filled to the edge. The screen protector is housed in a polyurethane foam pouch housed in an envelope. Envelopes also include documents and manuals.

Another cool tool in the box is a scraper that you can use to remove bubbles. This is unlikely to appear if you performed the procedure correctly. And hey, if you mess up, don’t worry, you’ll get a sticky repair patch that will allow you to remove the screen protector and reapply it.

What is an adhesive repair patch and how do you use it?

It may ruin the application of the screen protector without paying attention to the instructions. This will leave air bubbles in the dust particles and adhesive as they dry out, and will put in a repair patch.

If you want to know how to use the adhesive repair patch, please follow the steps below.

  1. Remove the screen protector from the device.
  2. Remove the adhesive repair patch.
  3. Use the adhesive repair patch as a dust remover on the adhesive surface of the screen protector.
  4. When you’re done, you can reapply the screen protector to completely clean your display.

Ease of application

As mentioned earlier, the Snapiel TORRAS included items include:

  • Wet wipes and dry wipes.
  • Dust removal sticker.
  • scraper.
  • A guidance frame that supports the application of screen protectors.

The guidance frame is a godsend. All you need to do is clean the screen of your iPhone, set the frame, and fit the screen protector to the frame and apply it. Just follow the steps in the manual and you’re ready to go.

There are two Snapiel TORRAS review units, one for the iPhone 13 / Pro and one for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I have tested both of these, and I can assure you that the application process is as easy as a pie.

While applying the screen protector to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I encountered a huge bubble as a screen protector and the screen touched. But in a few seconds it was gone.

The feel of Snapiel TORRAS

If you need a screen protector that recreates the feel of your iPhone screen, Snapiel TORRAS is for you. Believe me, the oleophobic coating on the screen protector is as good as the oleophobic coating on the iPhone screen.

The screen protector’s glass is thin, but it reaches the edges, so there’s plenty of room for a case. Even without the case, the glass is thick enough to provide protection and thin enough to make a bumpy swipe every time. Time to make a gesture to go home using a swipe.

The feel of Snapiel TORRAS

180-day warranty

You read that right. Snapiel offers a 180-day warranty on TORRAS screen protectors. It has certain terms of use. Tap here for more information.


Unpacking experience
ease of use
Feeling held in my hand
Value of money

Well, should you go ahead and get one of these? of course! TORRAS is costly, but it also has a 180-day warranty. This is a 6 month warranty for screen protectors. So if you need the best one, go for it!

Strong Points

  • Simple application
  • Adhesive repair patch
  • 6 months warranty
  • To every corner


  • Expensive
  • Given the price, you can include variations of the bluelight filter or privacy filter

price: $ 30.99

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