Skoove iOS App Review: Efficient Piano Performance Lessons

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Skoove employs smart and accurate AI algorithms to teach and improve your piano playing skills. Listen live to all keystrokes and be instantly notified of mistakes. Although it has some flaws, it is a comprehensive learning tool, especially for beginners and intermediates.

Strong Points

  • Minimal clean UI
  • Accurate note recognition
  • Useful tutorials on AI listening
  • A well-built, step-by-step lesson plan
  • Over 400 songs to learn
  • Limited free lesson


  • Cannot play in the app
  • Unable to add personal sheet music
  • Expensive monthly plan

price: From $ 19.99 | Download

Playing the piano or keyboard is very therapeutic. But unfortunately, learning to play it is not so easy. However, you can always have the Skoove app by your side to simplify the piano learning process.

But why Skoove? This is to use AI to teach and improve piano skills. How? Read the review for more information.

Step-by-step piano lessons by Skoove

Skoove is a unique iOS app and web platform that offers interactive piano and keyboard lessons. AI is almost a real teacher.

First, it teaches you the piano step by step, also known as one key at a time. Then listen to what you say and correct your mistakes like a personal teacher.

AI will help you improve

Skoove does not allow you to play the piano or keyboard within the app. Instead, encourage them to listen carefully and play the instrument. Smart AI recognizes the notes played in real time almost correctly and points out any mistakes.

In addition, AI will slowly and steadily understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop your next lesson plan accordingly.

I don’t have a piano or keyboard at hand now, so I played it as a virtual piano player. Interestingly, I don’t like playing music, so my office colleagues took part in the exercise.

But what’s great is that Skoove instantly recognized the right note and the wrong note, and turned blue and red accordingly.

I also like the fact that the position of the hand on the screen changes as the score progresses. The idea is to teach the correct finger placement to play the song perfectly. Like a real teacher, I have to say.

Lessons for everyone

Another interesting feature of Skoove is to assist piano players regardless of their learning stage. There are various courses (piano lesson plans) such as:

  • Beginners who understand the basics,
  • Intermediate to practice, and
  • Advantages for completing a skill set.
Skoove offers lessons for everyone

There are also courses for reading sheet music, creating chords and scales, and learning harmony and arrangement. As a mix of beginner to intermediate (I haven’t played the keyboard for years), I’m really grateful for the structure of these lessons.

Once you’ve selected a song, you have several options. You can start by knowing the song, learn the keys, and once you’ve caught up, play with the song. The interfaces in all three sections are so similar that you can navigate without problems.

You also have some control over individual lessons, such as pause, play, and resume. But most importantly, you can adjust the tempo to bring accuracy to every note. And thanks to the loop feature, you can create loops in tricky sections until you nail it.

Practice until you become a professional

Skoove offers over 400 lessons and thousands of educational videos. The app has everything from hits like John Legend, Adele and Coldplay to classical music like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.

Skoove offers over 400 songs

There are also categories such as advanced pop, blues, boogie, Christmas songs, queen songs and Florian Cristol songs. You can stick to one genre or switch genres with a tap.

You can also use Skoove to connect your digital keyboard / piano to your iPhone via USB MIDI or Bluetooth MIDI, or even play an acoustic piano while listening. So it’s a mutually beneficial situation for all kinds of piano / keyboard players.

Need to groove on Skoove?


User interface
Twitter insights
Value of money

Let’s start with a confession. I am neither a musician nor a piano expert. But I’m a music lover who likes to tinker with keyboards and apps. So I think it gives me enough authority to admire and critique the Skoove app.

The Skoove app is really simple. The AI ​​works perfectly for note detection and suggests the right next lesson. In addition, you will have the same tutoring experience as a tutoring class. It’s nice to be able to choose from a variety of songs, so you can skip the lesson plan and have fun alone.

This app claims to be a BFF for beginners, but it doesn’t start the lesson with basic DoReMe. And that’s pretty amazing. After all, you have to start from the beginning, right?

Also, I think you need to practice with a built-in piano / keyboard so that you can practice while traveling or even when you don’t have an instrument at hand. But that’s probably me-more demanding on the app! You should go ahead and try it.


  • 1 month – $ 19.99
  • Three months – $ 39.99
  • 12 months – $ 119.99