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Netflix may be one of the best apps for streaming movies and tv shows but it costs you much, and it might be out of your budget too. You can’t take real worth of your money because it’s for a limited time period and has only limited data to provide. If you love to watch shows and anime series or keen of watching latest movies without paying a single cent then I have something special for you. There’s an app called Show Box Apk which allows you to do all this.

Show Box App doesn’t ask you for money or kind of premium subscription. This is all free and remains free for always, neither trail pack nor premium access. Isn’t this sounds good and friendly, actually it is. Because ShowBox Apk comes up with a number of TV Shows, Movies and Sports Programme which are available in a couple of alternative languages and subtitles.

This isn’t available on Play Store, that’s why you’re here to get show box download link. Am I right? Trust me, I won’t disappoint you. Just scroll down and you’ll get what you’re searching for. I’m updating this blog on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about latest version links or broken link. If still, you face something wrong with that, let us know about that.

ShowBox Apk Download | Latest Version

However, streaming of videos is increase day by day because torrents are now become illegal to use. I don’t mean to stay streaming is legal, but it won’t harm you in any way. That’s quite safe to watch content online as you usually do on YouTube. You can navigate your choice of shows and keep them in your Showbox favorite coloum.Showbox-APK for androidYou can get a list of highly rated shows or movies by shorting them according to your interest. You may be wondering of quality resolutions, don’t worry about that. You have the choice to watch them in 480p, 720p or in 1080p it all depends on your requirements. They have almost everything you’re in need of, you’ll never find something which let you offend on show box app services.

What is ShowBox Apk?

ShowBox app is a video streaming app by which you can stream TV Shows and Movies online without paying any charges. This app comes up with thousands of shows and movies with suitable languages according to the user’s demand and interest.

You’ll get some recommended suggestions of movies too, only if you’re keen of watching them. That all is based of other users review and rating. You don’t have to wait for any suitable time to stream shows, you can stream them anywhere, anytime, it’s an on-the-go process.

I don’t want to be a motor-mouth but this app made me to do so, their variety of shows and long-lasting lists of movies made me to appreciate their work. If you’re searching for Netflix alternatives then go with this app blindly, it won’t disappoint you in any case.

Why ShowBox App?

Not everybody likes to pay for services, and the amount netflix is asking for is damn high. Even it’s not in my budget too, hence I moved to ShowBox app beacuse it provides me with all of the services (the bunch of extra stuff too) without charging any fee.

On the other hand, You’ll get unlimited stuff to stream, you can also download them and let them play without internet connection. If we talk about Netflix it just has a limited access of shows and movies which aren’t enough if you’re in school or high school. Because at that age you have a couple of extra hours to stream movies and enjoy the shows.

Many times you miss your favorite shows or movies because of some unplanned reasons. For that kind of situations, you can use this app to watch them later. Also the list of TV Shows and Movies and getting updated after a few days to provide the latest content to users.

That’s why I recommend you to go with this app because this app is on the top of the list if you google for Netflix Alternatives. Rest is in your hands, if you want to something more about showbox app then don’t leave this page, you’ll get everything about this app.

Features of ShowBox App

ShowBox app comes up with a huge variety of contents and lets you search for your favorite one without any long searching process. You will get recommended movies list along with their review and star rating.

You can sort this list with your own configuration and filters. You can set this on IMDB Ratings, Latest Updates or get your content by searching by its name. These features make this app stand apart from the crowd of online streaming apps.

Sort of Quality

You might have questions about the quality of contents you are going to stream. Then I would like to clear your doubt about this, all the shows and movies can be streamed into the various quality of pixels. It can be 360p, 480p, 720p or even 1080p also, if you’re good with that then this app is best for you.

Free Access

It won’t ask you for purchasing premium access you can browse all the stuff for free, or as a guest. ShowBox would never force you to create an account or pay any charges, all of its services are for free. If we discuss some other apps who provide the same services as Showbox like Netflix, they’ll ask you for a fee.

But this app doesn’t require any charge for that, this is free of cost and trust me they serve best experience and quality stuff to their users.

Unlimited Streaming

No browsing limits, No streaming limits. You’ll get a number of contents in this app and the list will get updated after every other day. There are thousands of movies available there and comes up with a variety of languages too.

You can save them offline too if you’re going to some other place where you might don’t have an internet connection.

Trending News & Updates

Along with this app, you’ll get latest updates about current affairs and news which are floating over the media. This is one of the good ways to get in touch with trending news and tech updates without installing any other app or without paying any extra charges for the same. This app will blow your feed with the latest news and trailers of upcoming movies, also you can filter them according to your interest.

ShowBox Download For Android and Windows PC

Streaming shows from a smartphone are okay because there are many apps available there for the same, but it’s quite tough to find the suitable app for desktop. ShowBox app has a good fame in that genre too, you can install showbox app on your desktop too and enjoy every feature right from your computer or laptop desktop.

To watch your favorite content in one convenient place follow our guide to install Showbox app for Android, and later I’ll help you in installing Showbox for PC.

Install Showbox App For Android

As I said this app isn’t available on Play Store you must have to download it through third-party apps or sites. If you don’t want to rush on Google then you can download it from our site too. Just click on below green download button and your downloading will start automatically.

Version ShowBox 5.11
File Size 38.8 MB
Requirement Andoird 4.2 or Above

After you have little knowledge about this app and this app is doing its job you can easily understand how it works for you. If still, you have any questions or doubt, follow our below steps you’ll surely get your solution.

Steps To Install ShowBox For PC

This may consume a little bit of time because you will never find an easy way to install such apps onto your desktop. Let’s go through the steps to Showbox download for pc.

To Install the ShowBox in your PC first you need to download the Bluestack or any other Android Emulators. Now you have done that you can see the same Android UI which will be very familiar to you.

Download BlueStacks Android Emulator
Now you install the Showbox App in you pc and enjoy the latest movies and shows at any time you want.


Is ShowBox app available for iOS too?

No, currently this app isn’t available at iOS platform. Also, it seems to be no plan for their update for iOS device. Better to go with any other alternative of this app instead of waiting for an update from them.

The ShowBox app isn’t available for iOS Because Apple device Didn’t accpect Thrid-Party apps.

Do this app have Advertisements?

Only a little bit of ads, rest is all good and it won’t annoy you with Spammy ads. You’ll never get any ads while you’re watching your content.

No nudity or pornography would be posted on your screen, this app is eco-friendly and show ads which are highly related to your content.

What about subtitles?

Subtitles are available for almost every piece of video along with a couple of choice in languages to make the users understand easily. You can easily sync them but the options icon from the showbox app. This isn’t going to take more than a couple of seconds for the whole process.

Winding Up

Showbox app is good for you if you don’t want to spend money over high rated apps which asks you for a quite big amount. Also here you have more choices and quality contents in compare of any other app.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my post and surely give this app a try, let me know if you have any question about this app or you need something other than this app. Also if you have any suggestion for us on which we should have to work then drop your ideas into the below comment box.