Setapp and Yac Release Remote Work App Bundle for Mac

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What do you know

  • Setapp includes a new Yac Remote WorkPack with 15 amazing apps
  • This collection is designed to maximize the productivity of remote teams
  • All Setapp users have full access to these apps.

Setapp, a popular app subscription service, adds more wings to its hat by collaborating with Yac, the audio-first messaging platform. This collection of apps, called the Yac Remote Work Pack, aims to streamline common tasks and smooth out everyday workflows.

Yac App Collection for Mac

In an official press release, Setapp CEO and founder Oleksandr Kosovan pointed out interesting data.

“Remotework is driving demand for productivity solutions. The global productivity software market is expected to reach an incredible $ 99.2 billion by 2026.”

These numbers show increased acceptance and feasibility of working from home, suggesting a market gap. Today, experts are looking for productivity-driven solutions that facilitate workflows.

Moreover, this need grows exponentially over time. The Setapp and Yac collections include all 15 apps and are intended to fill that void.

Setapp has more than 200 apps and bundles specific apps into a collection to make it easier to find the right app. The Yac Remote Work Pack is one of a collection of 5 apps from Yac and 10 apps from an existing bundle of Setapp.

Remote work toolkit with Setapp for Mac

Impressively, this pack contains some big guns for Mac and some unique apps. Below is a complete list of apps available in the collection.

  • Yack – Asynchronous voice and video messaging services for convening communications within your teammates.
  • Quietness – Notification management software to keep distracting things away.
  • Otipi – Detect dynamic passcodes (OTPs) from iMessage and auto-fill them in their respective fields in your browser or other apps.
  • Newton – Award-winning email client for individuals and teams.
  • bite – Robust color detector that makes it easy to find the perfect shade.
  • Better Zip – A convenient compression tool that allows you to directly view, edit and manage the files in your archive. No need to unzip.
  • Yoink – Ultra-fast drag and drop utility for Mac.
  • bartender – One-stop, minimal and easy menu bar organizer for Mac.
  • File pane – Super fast file manager
  • Tooth fairy – You can connect, disconnect, or switch devices in seconds with a single click on the Bluetooth Assistant.
  • paste – Powerful cloud-based clipboard history manager
  • Gifox – A well-designed screen recorder captures selected areas of the screen as animated GIFs.
  • Meeter – A wizard that pulls meeting information from every corner of your Mac and organizes it into one convenient schedule.

    Meeter app available in the Yac collection for Mac

  • concentrate – Powerful planners and productivity timers to help eliminate distractions.
  • Back track – The app listens, records, and overwrites audio throughout the day so you can backtrack up to the last 5 hours.

How do I access my collection?

All Setapp users have full access to the remote workpack. In particular, you can get a full-featured pro version of all the above apps. Plus, all future app updates are free.

Of course, you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription to Setapp. That’s about $ 9.99 a month. There are discounts for annual plans, student plans, and family plans, so be sure to check them out.

About Setapp and Yac

Setapp is a unique and independent app subscription service for macOS and iOS. The service has a library of over 200 apps that can help you be more productive, speed up tedious tasks, save time and energy, and more. You can also use all these unlimited versions for a monthly fee.

For Yac, this is an asynchronous messaging platform specifically designed for remote teams. It embodies “this meeting may have been a message” at the core and lets you speak in a short form of voice or video message.

I haven’t tried Yac with my team, but I’m using different apps from the Setapp bundle. And from my personal experience, I can prove that they made a difference in my productivity and overall performance.

I’m excited to try this new collection. We encourage you to try Setapp. It may be wondering to you too.