Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note lineup may be dead

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Samsung-Popular-Galaxy-Notes-Lineup-May die

Samsung continues to expand and improve its foldable device lineup, but recent reports suggest that the Korean giant may soon officially discontinue its popular Galaxy Note lineup. Well, if you’re following previous reports, you’ll know that this isn’t something we didn’t know yet. However, there is a formal confirmation this time. Samsung has not renewed the Galaxy Note trademark this year. Therefore, the company may mean that the Galaxy Note lineup will be completely abolished in the future.

The report comes from Galaxy Club (Via Sammobile) It cites information related to Samsung’s recent trademark list. According to the report, the company has renewed its trademarks on the Galaxy M, Galaxy A, Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series. However, the Galaxy Note series was not included in the list.

For those who don’t know, reports have been flowing since the end of last year that Samsung has canceled the Galaxy Note lineup.In fact, earlier this year, Samsung CEO Ko Dong-jin said Galaxy Note 21 series will not be released this year.. Samsung quoted a global chip shortage by skipping the notebook series in 2021. However, it is worth mentioning that the CEO also said that a Korean company will launch a Galaxy Note device in 2022.

Now, Samsung’s failure to update the Galaxy Note line for next year may mean that the company may completely discontinue its lineup in the future. This may be a push focused on foldable devices in the market where Samsung is working on improvements every year.

In addition, Samsung has added one of the signature features of the Galaxy Note series with S-Pen support to this year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 Foldable and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Therefore, the company can think of it as wanting Note users to shift the paradigm and switch to collapsible devices (or ultra-expensive S-series Ultra models) to improve the user experience. This will increase the demand for Galaxy Fold devices and increase their adoption in the foldable smartphone market.

What do you think about Samsung not renewing the Galaxy Note trademark? Do you think the Korean giant will cancel the Galaxy Note series next year? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.