Samsung will remove ads from one UI stock app later this year

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After receiving a lot of complaints, Samsung finally confirmed that it would remove ads from stock apps such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Theme. The company will stop displaying ads within stock apps using the One UI update that will be rolled out for users in the coming days.

Now, for those who don’t know, Samsung users are often hit by ads when they open One UI stock apps such as Samsung Weather and Samsung Pay. This is unusual because most companies don’t show ads in stock apps to ensure a clean experience. As a result, Samsung is facing a backlash from users who have complained about displaying ads that are irrelevant to the app.

In the One UI just below, you can visit Twitter to see tweets from Samsung users complaining about ads.

So, quoting user feedback, the Korean giant confirmed that it would remove annoying ads from the basic OneUI app. The confirmation came from the company’s mobile chief TMRoh, who recently tackled the issue at a town hall meeting.

“Our priority is to provide an innovative mobile experience based on consumer needs and wants. We value user feedback and are the best possible from Galaxy products and services. We continue our commitment to provide the experience to our users. “ The company reportedly said.

“Samsung has decided to stop advertising for proprietary apps such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Theme.” President Roh said in a statement: The Verge.. In addition, he added that the removal of ads from stock apps will take place in future software updates. “The update will be ready by the second half of this year.” Roh added further.

So if you’re a Samsung user suffering from annoying ads for one UI apps in stock, you’ll be happy to hear that they’ll be gone altogether soon. Samsung doesn’t provide a concrete timeline for future updates, but Samsung can expect to deploy it sooner rather than later.