Samsung may stop offering inbox chargers even on its budget smartphones

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Samsung budget phone without charger

Following Apple’s leadership, Samsung has launched the high-end Galaxy S series without a charging adapter in the box. Many OEMs, including Xiaomi, have followed suit to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.Now, there are rumors that Samsung may follow a similar strategy. Don’t provide a charger for your box, even if it’s an affordable smartphone, This may not be a favorable decision. This is what we know.

For cheap Samsung Phones, why not get the included charger?

Recent leaks (provided by Yogash Brar) by Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy M smartphones may stop shipping With included charger.. This means that users will only get the charging cable on their future budget Samsung mobile phones.

The decision to remove the charger from the budget Samsung cell phone box was made with the Galaxy F-series cell phones. The first to bear the brunt could be the next Galaxy F23.. For those who don’t know, the Galaxy F23 will all be available tomorrow in India with a 120Hz display, Snapdragon 750G chipset, triple rear camera and more.

It’s unclear if this move is unique to India or if it could become the official low-priced smartphone in other markets. In any case, this information can be disappointing to many. Especially in India, considering that there are more users of telephones that cost more than high-end smartphones.

This may see people refrain from choosing Samsung smartphones in this scenario, they have to spend more and the company still offers inbox chargers Realme, Xiaomi Considering that you may lose to rivals such as.

That said, it’s a rumor, so you can’t rely entirely on it and you have to wait for what Samsung is actually doing. We will let you know the official details as soon as they are available. So please look forward to it. Please let us know in the comments below if you agree with Samsung’s decision.