Samsung is truly working on wireless charging technology

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Samsung is working on wireless power transmitters to compete with Xiaomi "My Air Charge"

Dramatic advances have been made in this area since the advent of wireless charging technology for accessories such as smartphones. Apple is reportedly testing the iPhone’s reverse wireless charging technology, but in January 2021 Xiaomi announced its own aerial wireless charging technology, the Mi Air Charge technology. Today, Samsung has the potential to charge mobile devices and accessories in the air with its unique wireless charging technology that is enhancing the game for development.

Samsung’s aerial wireless charging technology revealed

According to the report by Patented Apple, Korean Intellectual Property Office has published the patent PCT / KR2021 / 009778 recently filed by Samsung. Describes wireless power transfer devices that can be charged without physical contact with smartphones and other compatible accessories.

The Korean giant states that it is possible to develop wireless power transfer devices with resonators that can be mounted anywhere on or near wireless charging devices. The Resonators can then be used to extend the transmission radius of wireless power to surrounding devices. Supports wireless charging.

Samsung also Wireless power transmitters can be developed to cover the entire 360 ​​degree radius around them. Sends power to mobile devices within range. The company also states that it can use multiple resonators around wireless power transmitters to expand the range of aerial wireless charging technology. You can check out the patent image below to get a better idea of ​​how it works.

Samsung is working on wireless power transmitters to compete with Xiaomi "My Air Charge"
Image: Samsung Patent | Via: Patented Apple

Now, Samsung has applied for a patent for true wireless charging technology, It’s still in the early stages of development.. Therefore, it may take some time for the company to release the technology to the commercial market. But with Chinese giants making amazing advances in wireless charging technology, it’s interesting to see if Samsung can beat Xiaomi and Oppo in this sector. in the meantime, Patented Apple Apple reports that it has already applied for a similar patent in 2013. This was long before Xiaomi and Samsung. However, I’ve never seen a Cupertino giant introduce technology to any of its devices.

What do you think of Samsung’s new wireless charging technology? Do you think Korean giants can beat Chinese competitors in the long run? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.