Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 May Get “Super UTG” Display and Built-in S Pen: Report

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 uses Super UTG Display

Samsung is speculating that it will soon launch the next-generation Galaxy Z-Fold smartphone, perhaps the Galaxy Z-Fold 4, and this time the company may include a much more powerful foldable display in its devices. It has been reported that future Samsung foldable phones may come with a “Super UTG” layer to make the display more durable than the current Galaxy Z Fold 3. Let’s take a look at the details.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Released at Super UTG

According to a recent report from a Korean blog Neighbor, Samsung will use a new type of ultra-thin glass for its Galaxy Z Fold 4 device, which is due out later this year.clearly The company sells the new material as Super UTG. And it’s less fragile than the current Samsung clamshell mobile phone display. That said, there is no word as to how powerful it will be.

again, Galaxy Z Fold 4 fully supports regular S Pen Like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it may also have slots. This could be another way to keep it alive, as the Galaxy Note lineup has been officially discontinued.

This information looks good as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 released last year doesn’t support regular styli. For those who don’t know, it comes with a special S-Pen, S-Pen Fold Edition, with a retractable tip to allow the user to take notes and operate the foldable device.

This is because, unlike traditional smartphone displays, the device’s foldable display uses an ultra-thin glass layer and is fragile. A special S-pen limits the force exerted on the user to prevent the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s UTG from cracking or damaging.

However, Super UTG has been reported to enable users to: Use a regular S-Pen model without worrying about damage to the display Samsung’s upcoming foldable. Of course, besides the foldable form factor, it could be an attractive point for the upcoming Galaxy foldable phones.

Details of this year’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip are not available at this time. But we expect more information to appear soon. We’ll let you know if there are more leaks and rumors. So please wait for a while. Please tell us how you feel about the idea of ​​the S Pen built into SamsungZ Fold 4 in the comments below.