Samsung can remotely brick a stolen TV with a new “TV block” feature

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To protect retailers and prevent illegal sales of TVs in the black market, Samsung has introduced some nifty features to smart TVs. The South African division of the South Korean giant recently announced a new TV block feature for all Samsung TVs. This allows retailers and certified personnel to remotely block the functionality of stolen TVs.

Samsung announced this feature through an official blog post. According to the company, this feature protects retailers and “Creation of a secondary market related to the sale of illegal goods.” This will prevent illegally obtained Samsung TV sets from functioning properly when connected to the Internet.

For more information, the TV block feature is enabled on all Samsung TVs around the world.Will happen It is on by default.. Therefore, when a user attempts to connect to a Samsung Smart TV that was previously stolen or stolen from the company’s warehouse, the company’s server will detect the TV serial number. Then it remotely blocks all the functionality of the stolen piece.

However, if your company’s servers accidentally block a legitimate customer’s Samsung TV, you can share your purchase certificate or valid TV license to get your TV set working again.

Samsung has activated the remote TV block feature for all TVs stolen from the Catridge distribution center in the KwaZulu-Natal district of South Africa. Therefore, when an operator of any of these TV sets connects it to the Internet, the company will block the TV set remotely via a server.

“This technology has the potential to have a positive impact at the moment and will benefit both the industry and our customers in the future.” Said Mike Van Liar, director of Samsung’s home appliances.

“As an organization, we recognize an important role in reassuring our customers and clients. As many of us have recently experienced, working together can have the impact of unprecedented business disruption. We can overcome it. We will continue to review the situation and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the continuity of all our businesses. “ Lier has added more.