Samsung announced the 5nm Exynos W920 chip for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4

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Samsung will remove the next-generation Galaxy Watch 4 and two new foldable wraps at the Galaxy Unpack event on August 11th. We’ve already seen the smartwatch design, but we know it comes with a new Wear OS-based One UI Watch experience. The Korean giant today confirmed that the Galaxy Watch 4 will be powered by the 5nm Exynos W920 chipset.

The Exynos W920 is the world’s first wearable-centric chipset built using advanced 5nm extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process nodes, Samsung said in an official blog post. In short, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers better performance and power efficiency.

In detail, the Exynos W920 includes two ARM Cortex-A55 cores and an ARM Mali-G68 GPU. This combo improves CPU by 20% and GPU performance by 10x compared to the previous model. Samsung says this isIt speeds up the launch of apps and enables a more interactive 3D GUI. “ By blog post. There is also the Cortex-M55, a low-power display processor for driving the always-on display that is very popular with smartwatches.

In addition, the chipset integrates a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for easy tracking of workouts on the move. It also supports displays up to qHD (960 x 540) resolutions.

Samsung has also confirmed that the Exynos W920 will power the upcoming Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 4, to support the new Wear OS-based One UI Watch platform. Well, you don’t have to wait long to see this chipset work. Please wait for a while for more information.