Riot officially announced Barorant’s next Agent Fade. Please see here for the detail!

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Brave agent fade revealed

Following a series of teasers and in-game tips, Riot Games finally unveiled Valorant’s 20th agent named Fade.from now on The agent will be an initiator class agent It will then join the list of initiators such as Breach, Sova, Skye and Kay / O. So let’s dig into the details without further delay.

Fade of new brave agent officially revealed

The fade, codenamed “Bounty Hunter” internally, was officially confirmed on Riot’s State of the Agents blog in March.At that time, the developers “The concept of another agent that revolves around the information gathering aspect of the tactical loop has been in our minds for some time.”

Recently, Valorant has started Make fun of the agent Via a short video clip shared on Twitter. Following the teaser, Riot reveals official image of FadeDuring the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavik DRX and ZETA DIVISION match, we will give players the full look of the following agents:

The company did not reveal the agent’s ability set, but the fade was more “Intimate feelings when hunting Defeat the enemy.Also, the staff Fade movie video showing her abilities will be released upon April 24 At the Grand Final of the ongoing VCT Masters Tournament. She will appear in Valorant’s Act III.

In addition, Riot has added many lore elements to Valorant with the latest patch 4.07. This includes a new room in the game training area that provides long audio recordings with a mission to capture fades. Also, if you go to Brimstone’s office in The Range in Valorant, Vision becomes temporarily obscured, This may be one of the fade abilities. There is also a new room in the area showing the prison, where it is presumed that the fade is maintained.

So, if you’re a Valorant fan and a regular in the game, try to find all the clues about Valorant related to Fade before Riot officially releases the movie on April 24th. Also, let us know what you think about Fade in the comments below.