Released Android 13 Beta 1 for Google-supported Pixel devices

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The first beta version of android 13 has been released

After some developer previews earlier this year, Google has finally released the first public beta of the Android 13 OS for Pixel owners. This move follows Google’s roadmap for Android 13 and takes place a few days before the Google I / O 2022 event starting May 11th to further elaborate on plans for the next Android version. Let’s take a look at the details below.

The first public beta of Android 13 has been released

Google recently visited an official blog post to announce the release of the first public beta of Android 13. The public beta version includes all the new features of Android 13’s previous developer preview, but with a few more new features and changes for end users. Users who focus on enhancing privacy and security when using Android.

Android 13 Beta 1 includes features such as the new iOS-like photo picker for Android 13 DP 1, notification permission, and per-app language support. Both were added in the second developer preview. Features specified for tablets and foldable devices are also supported.

To further improve the privacy and security of Android 13, Google Added finer-grained permissions to app media file access.. Previously, the app had to access the external storage of the user’s device to retrieve images, videos, and audio files.

Android 13 beta releases fine-grained app permissions

However, on Android 13 Beta 1 Third-party apps need to request access to each type of media file in shared storage.. If the app requests permissions for two types of media files at the same time, the system will display to the user a single dialog box for granting both permissions at the same time.


Android 13 Beta 1 too Improved error reporting in Keystore and KeyMint and added predictive audio routing capabilities for apps.. In addition, Google will add support for a new MLGRU feature that will help Android keep the app open in the background for extended periods of time. However, it’s unclear if the company added it to beta 1 of the OS.

These features are more focused on developers than end users and are aimed at improving the privacy and security of the Android platform. Besides this, Android 13 has various visual changes such as a new Material You theme, a new home screen lock control, and a new clipboard editor. I’m looking forward to the details next month.

So if you have a supported Pixel device, you can go to Google’s official developer forums to get the latest Android 13 Beta 1. Also, let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.