Reddit expands the ability to search for comments

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Reddit allows users to search for comments

The popular microblogging platform Reddit has announced some important improvements to its search capabilities to help users get better search results. Apart from improving the search algorithm, the company has allowed users to search for comments on the platform. Click here for details!

Reddit recently confirmed improvements and changes to its search capabilities in a detailed post. According to the company, more than a year ago, it published a user survey on Reddit search, and the comment search feature was the most requested.

Taking user feedback seriously, Reddit has developed the ability to search for comments in various posts using a built-in search feature. Previously, searching for something on Reddit only provided results to posts, communities, and people.But now Dedicated “Comments” tab on the search results page Allows users to view various comments, including search terms. You can check it below!

Reddit comment search introduced

This feature gives users access to all discussions taking place on the platform by searching for comments both in the community and throughout Reddit.

Besides adding a comment search function Reddit has improved search results and now prioritizes posts over content types.. The company also noted that search capabilities will be able to recognize user patterns and provide more relevant search results based on the user’s Reddit activity. In addition, Reddit has updated the search UI to a simpler design.

Reddit’s new search feature Deploying for desktop users.. In the future, Reddit will add these features to mobile apps as well. Stay tuned for future updates. Let us know what you think about Reddit’s search capabilities in the comments below.