Realme TechLife Watch S100, Neckband Style Bad N100 Launched in India

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Realm Tech Life Watch S100 released in India

In addition to the Realme 9 5G series, the company has expanded its TechLife accessory ecosystem with the launch of new smartwatches and neckband-style earphones. The Realme TechLife Watch S100 features a premium design, square dial and amazing battery life. The Realme Buds N100, on the other hand, features a neckband-style design, long battery life and more. Now let’s take a look at the features of both products before moving on to the price and availability details.

Realme TechLife Watch S100: Specifications and Features

First, let’s talk about the new Realme Watch S100. It boasts a premium metallic finish with one interaction button on the far right and a soft silicone strap.Smartwatches include big ones 1.69 inch color display It has a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels and a peak brightness of up to 530 knits. Realme claims that the display should provide vibrant colors and be easy to see in the sun.You can also customize the look of your watch to the maximum 110 watch faces..

Realme TechLife Watch S100, Neckband Style Bad N100 Launched in India
Body temperature tracking with Realme Watch S100

Moving to health-centric features, the highlights of the Realme Watch S100 are Ability to measure skin and body temperature.. In addition, there are regular suspects, such as 24/7 heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring. With a smartwatch, users can track their sleep quality, all data is recorded and displayed in the RealmeLink app. It also supports 24 sport modes such as walking, riding, soccer and yoga.

For Realme Watch S100, 260mAh battery According to the company, a single charge can provide up to 12 days of battery life. You can also take advantage of all standard smartwatch features such as message notifications, music playback controls, camera shutters, phone viewfinders, alarms and more. Finally, smartwatches have an IP68 water resistance rating, which makes them excellent in their price range.

Realme TechLife Buds N100: Specifications and Features

realme techlife buds N100

For Realme Buds N100, the company Flexible and soft silicone material For neckbands and ear wings, it provides additional support to the user. These earphones have 9.2mm dynamic base driverAlong with the aluminum sound chamber, it provides not only a powerful bass output, but also a clean mid-high range.

In addition, Realme Buds N100 supports Magnetic bluetooth connection, Very similar to OnePlus Buds. In other words, you can automatically connect your earphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.2 simply by separating the magnetic earphones. Then replace the earphones, turn off the N100, and then turn it off.

Also, the earphones IPX4 waterproof You can use it comfortably in the gym. According to Realme, the Buds N100 can play music at 50% volume for up to 17 hours on a single charge. This is reasonably priced and fairly decent.

Price and availability

Realme TechLife Watch S100 is sold in India for Rs 1,999 (Introduction offer) Scheduled to be released from March 14th. There are two color variations, black and gray. Smartwatches and earphones can only be purchased from the Flipkart and Realme web stores.

The Realme TechLife Buds N100, on the other hand, has a price tag of Rs 1,299 in India and will be available from March 15th. You can choose the colorway of the neckband earphone from black and gray. What do you think of these TechLife products? Please let us know in the comments below.