Realme Flash and MagDart wallet leaked prior to launch.This is my first look

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Apple has reintroduced its own MagSafe wireless charging system in a new way on the iPhone 12 series. This is a magnetic wireless charging system like no other on the market. However, Realme aims to change this quickly with the launch of the upcoming Realme Flash smartphone and the new MagDart charging system. Now, prior to its official launch, the official press rendering of the device and the MagDart wallet accessory were leaked.

The leak is in collaboration with Talecomi Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks). 91 Mobile.. Rendering introduces a Realme Flash smartphone and a MagDart wallet mounted on its back.

Realme Flash Renders (leak)

Starting with the Realme Flash design, the device looks premium. The rendering will show the back along with the accessories that came with it. Therefore, as it renders, Realme Flash rocks the triple camera system on the back. I don’t know the exact specifications of the camera, but there is a reference to the “Matrix AI” camera. Please see the image below.

Realme Flash and MagDart wallet rendering leaked before release
Credits: Steve Hemmerstoffer x 91Mobiles

In addition, Realme Flash, like Apple’s MagSafe, is already known to be the first Android smartphone to feature a magnetic charging system.Actually yesterday XDA developer We shared a video and report introducing the MagDart charger and Realme Flash device.

In addition, the video shows the charging speed of the device when charging using the MagDart charger. So, according to the video, the MagDart charger takes 3 minutes to charge Realme Flash from 18% to 26%. In addition, reports show that the MagDart wireless charger can output a total of 50W of power, providing Realme Flash with a charging speed of 35W. You can check the video just below.

Realme MagDart Wallet Renders (Leak)

When it comes to Realme MagDart Wallet, magnetic accessories are similar to Apple’s MagSafe Wallet accessories. However, it has a unique Realme branded aluminum foldable stand that allows the device to stand vertically on a flat surface. According to the rendering, MagDart Wallet is offered as a white option and can store up to 3 debit or credit cards. Also, it looks like it will have a leather finish.

Realme Flash and MagDart wallet rendering leaked before release
Credits: Steve Hemmerstoffer x 91Mobiles

In conclusion, that’s all we know about Realme Flash smartphones, Magdart chargers, and MagDart Wallet. Realme is reportedly aiming to showcase its devices and accessories at tomorrow’s virtual event. So stay tuned for future updates.

Featured images courtesy of: OnLeaks x 91Mobiles