Razer Kraken headphones save the life of an 18-year-old gamer from bullets

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Razor headphones saved gamers' lives

In 2020, a Californian man was saved from a lost bullet by a Microsoft Surface Book laptop when something unusual happened. And now, the same thing happens, and the device to save this lucky teen is a pair of Razer Kraken gaming headphones that divert incoming stray bullets. Check all the details below.

Razer Kraken headphones divert stray bullets

Named Redditor u / Enough_Dance_956 I recently visited the official Razer subreddit and reported that his Razer headphones deflected the stray bullets that came out of the user’s window.Nevertheless The headset couldn’t stand the blowIt was able to distract the bullet from the user and saved his life in the process.

Redditor shared an image of the damaged headphones (attached below) with the bullet points at the top of the cushioned headband.

Razer Kraken headphones have saved gamers' lives by deflecting lost bullets!

According to Redditor A bullet came towards him, hit the top of the headset and shattered the headband... The bullet was then deflected towards the wall and eventually landed on the user’s bed.

Well, after Redditor posted the first image in his story, many users believed it was a prank because the timing of the post was close to April Fool’s Day. but, u / Enough_Dance_956 More clearly A story by sharing some more photos. The new image shows a shattered windowpane with bullets in it. The user also shared an image of a bullet lying on the bed.

    Razer Kraken headphones have saved gamers' lives by deflecting lost bullets!

Following the first post, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan shared his reaction through comments on the original post.Tan is that “crazy” He said he was happy that the user was okay. In addition, Redditor said he had filed a complaint with police after the event. Police confirmed that the bullet was detained.. It’s unclear who the bullet came from, but it came one block away.

The company also suggested replacing the Razer headset, but the user declined and said the post was just to thank Razer. So what do you think about this case? Please let us know in the comments below.