Rainbow Six Siege will be available on mobile in 2022. Start registration on iOS and Android

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Rainbox Six Mobile announced

Citing the growing popularity of mobile games, some developers are bringing multiplayer games that previously existed on PCs and consoles to mobile. Respawn is currently testing the super-popular Apex Legends title on mobile, and even the mobile battlefield will be available soon.Now Ubisoft has announced The new Rainbox Six Mobile title that will be part of the popular Tom Clancy Rainbox SixSiege franchise.. Check out the details below and the trailer for the official announcement.

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Mobile

The announcement was made via the official blog on the dedicated R6M website. Ubisoft also shares details about upcoming Rainbox SixMobile titles. However, the release timeline is currently obscured. Rainbow Six Mobile (also known as R6M) has been shown to follow a 5v5 player-versus-player match style divided into two teams, attackers and defenders.

The official website emphasizes what players can do Play tactical shooters on classic Rainbox Six Siege maps such as Bank and Borner, Suitable for mobile platforms. More maps will be added to the title in the future for future updates. There is also a trailer, which you can check right below.

Rainbox Six Mobile: More?

The company also mentioned some of the offensive and defensive characters with unique abilities. These characters will be the first to be used by players for creative gameplay. Attacking characters include Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana, while defending characters are Mute, Valkyrie, Smoke, Bandit, and Kabeira. You can check each ability and individuality on the official website. More new characters will be added throughout the life cycle of the game.

Rainbox 6 mobile characters

Developers say they have been I’ve been working on R6M for over 3 years and have rebuilt most of the titles To enable mobile gamers to get the best tactical shooter experience. However, Ubisoft has confirmed that this title shares similarities with its PC and Xbox equivalents in terms of core gameplay and elements.

“The core gameplay, characters, and maps may be similar to Siege, but we’ve rebuilt everything from scratch with mobile usability in mind. Many to adapt the Siege experience to mobile devices. We’ve done the work internally, including a brand new gameplay control system specially developed for mobile and extensive optimization of UI and in-game visual presentations. “ The company wrote.

For stock status, Ubisoft announced that it will begin testing the R6M in the coming weeks.. The company collects feedback from players to further improve the game prior to its official release. You can now visit the official website and register by email to get the latest updates for Rainbox Six Mobile.