Qoob Clips for Mac Reviews: Download Massive TikTok Videos or Accounts

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Whether you’re a TikToker or not, you can’t deny the charm / addiction of short-format videos. But have you ever considered storing them offline for inspiration, storage, or memories? Thanks to Qoob Clips, you can quickly download large numbers of TikTok videos to your Mac with just a click.

And that’s not all! The software has many download options that allow you to copy captions, search for downloaded videos and share them on other platforms.

But how do Qoob clips work exactly? Can I get videos from my TikTok account? Read this review for answers.

Qoob Clip: More than TikTok Video Downloader

According to the developers, Qoob Clips is a smart tool, but I call it a weapon. Helps you view and download videos and music from both public and private TikTok accounts, silently follow your TikTok profile and monitor anyone’s account feed.

And most importantly, it’s a hassle-free way to automatically back up your TikTok pages on your macOS, Windows, or Ubuntu computer. These videos can be saved in MP4 format and HD quality up to 720p.

But let’s take a look at the power of Qoob Clips.

How do I use Qoob clips on my Mac?

Download all videos from your TikTok account

  1. Download and install the Qoob clip on your Mac.
  2. Then enter your username, download.
Download all videos for your TikTok account using Qoob Clips

The app will immediately start downloading all videos and their avatars from your account. It may take some time depending on the number of videos and the speed of the internet.

click cross Pause in the upper right update Click the icon to continue the download. To play the video in your default media player, just click on it.

Play the video in your default media player using the Qoob Clips app for Mac

Double-click the 3-dot menu or video to bring up the context menu. From here you can select:

  • Watch the video
  • Show in Finder
  • Displayed on TikTok
  • More
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter

Interestingly, the TikTok downloader not only saves all the videos in your account, but also the cover of each TikTok video individually.

Save a cover for each TikTok video using a Qoob clip

Download all TikTok videos with hashtags

Want to ace the TikTok Challenge, see what others have done with it, or find trends? Simply enter the correct hashtag to open your world to new TikTokers and their creations.

As mentioned above, all you have to do is enter the hashtag in the search bar and click on it download.. All related videos will be displayed on your Mac.

Enter the hashtag to download the video

extra: Now I call this a very intuitive and intelligent move by the developer. The title of the downloaded video contains the creator’s Tik Tok ID. Therefore, finding an uploader is very easy.

Creator's Tik Tok ID in the title of the Qoob clip for Mac

Automatically download TikTok videos for accounts and hashtags

The magic is that you don’t have to do anything. If you search for and download videos from your account or hashtag, they will be subscribed to them.

If Qoob Clips is running in the background, it will be updated as soon as the video is uploaded to TikTok. To remove an account from your subscription 3 dot icon Select delete..

Remove your account from your Qoob Clip subscription for Mac

Also, to stop the automatic download function, go to. Qoob clip From the menu bar → select Environmental setting → Click Renewal period Disable automatic updates..

Stops automatic download of Qoob clips for Mac

Back up your TikTok account

Some countries have banned TikTok, but some have threatened to do so. Why take the risk when you can use Qoob clips to automatically back up your account?

Simply enter your account ID in the search bar, download and subscribe to your account. What’s great is that the free version offers up to 2 hashtag accounts and 50 daily video downloads. So your TikTok account is definitely covered.

Qoob Clips: Expected features in the future

If all of this seems great, wait until you read some of the features you’d expect in a future update. It may blow you away.

Qoob Clip: Price

In addition to the free version, multiple packages are available that offer more features. Check the following.

Price of Qoob Clips for Mac
Source: Qoob Clips

Our Verdict: Are Qoob Clips Worth Clipping?

Absolutely, one can create an auto-updated backup of your account. Moreover, it has never been so easy to keep an eye on the competition.

This is what I liked and didn’t see at a glance:


  • Clean and minimal interface
  • Smart download options
  • Download videos, avatars and covers
  • Great free version


  • Subscriptions are a bit expensive
  • Consume bandwidth when running in the background

Best of all, you can save your videos offline and watch them freely. What’s more, the app promises some great updates in the future. So it is mutually beneficial for all TikTok enthusiasts.


  • Friendly – ​​5/5
  • Features – 4.5 / 5
  • Value of dollars – 3.5 / 5