PUBG: New State Welcomes New Moon-A Long Crossover Event Between Us

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PUBG Crossover Event Among Us: A New State Announced

If you are a PUBG: New State player and a fan of Among Us, there is good news for you. PUBG: New State mobile game developer Krafton lets players experience Among Us-themed mini-games, collect unique in-game items, and many Among Us crewmate-themed props at Troi. Announced a crossover event where you can find out. Check the details below.

PUBG: New State x Among Us Crossover Event

Krafton recently used Twitter to announce a new Among Us crossover event at PUBG: New State.In a tweet, the company said: The event is part of a collaboration with InnerslothThe creator of a very popular title in Us.

The event will be held as part of the April update of PUBG: New State, adding a number of “Among Us” themed elements to the title of Mobile Battle Royale. To get started, Players will be able to participate in mini-games by jumping into a trojan match.. Mini-games will be available before the actual match begins.

In the mini-game, one player from the squad is randomly assigned the role of “Scammer” of Among Us. They will be You can use weapons to eliminate squad membersTherefore, other PUBG: New State players should avoid being killed by scammers.

Players too You can buy a crate for a special event Get unique in-game items such as masks, innerwear, backpacks, weapons and vehicle skins.In addition, players will come across while roaming the trojan. Props of various themes among us It is scattered throughout Troy’s departure island and its anchor buildings and Chester area.

In addition, PUBG New State mobile Players can access and complete a variety of unique missions to earn free Among Us-themed rewards Frames, icons, etc. These will be added to the player’s inventory after completing the mission. In addition to the Among Us collaboration, New State is also expected to acquire more new items (including new weapons). Another tweet..

PUBG: New State xAmongUs event It will be published on April 21st and will run until May 19th... So, if you’re a New State regular, be prepared to experience the suspicions of Among Us with your favorite battle royale titles. Also, let us know what you think of upcoming events in the comments section below.