Pros and Cons of Laravel Framework for eCommerce

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While coming forward with a new business platform, you want it to be engaging and secure for your customers. Here you come across one concerning question: which tool to use to achieve this goal? On top of the answers stands the famous Laravel framework. Let’s find out what benefits and drawbacks hides this PHP pattern for the eCommerce startups. 

Key Laravel Pros for eCommerce

High scalability

In case you want to increase your client base, you should be ready to have a fully functional eCommerce site. It, in turn, requires scalable web solutions. This is what Laravel framework focuses on. It has a power to provide you with advanced ascendable solutions that could customize at any level, satisfying your desired requirements.

Ready eCommerce packages

What can be better than in-built eCommerce packages? Firstly, you don’t need to create your own ones from scratch and respectively you save precious time. And secondly, Laravel eCommerce packages help devs to create advanced web shops with minor possibility of flaws and in shorter time frames. 

Independent operation

In the Laravel framework, operation of packages and the system itself are separated. Thanks to an independent eCommerce site, you omit all the unnecessary updates that could freeze your website speed, resulting in a phase of inactivity. 


The eCommerce packages come pre-set with a list of basic functions. This gives you an opportunity to manage shopping carts, payment gateways, products, taxes, pricing, etc. Moreover, the primary code you have can be customized or used to design the new workflow of your platform or upgrade already existing development tasks.


The great news is that the Laravel eCommerce packages are free of charge. With such an advantage on your hands, you save your budget expenses. What is more, if you struggle with getting the hang of some developmental issues, you can always refer to the supportive Laravel community and seek for advice without extra payment.

Cons of Laravel Framework for eCommerce

Lack of experienced Laravel devs

Even though Laravel is a prominent PHP framework, you’ll still face some difficulties to find really great Laravel professionals. Once you find the right ones, you need to prepare yourself for the next challenge: high expenses on hiring. It depends solely on your choice, what would you like to save: money or qualified devs.

Limit of choice

Despite the broad functionality spectrum of eCommerce packages, they do not exist in a large amount. Although it isn’t a critical point in general, it might put you in limitation frames.

Problematic upgrade

Because of the lack of prolongation in between different framework versions, it may be challenging to update the current one. Once again, you will need a highly-proficient Laravel dev to solve such a problem. Otherwise, the whole system risks being brought down.

Bottom line

No system and framework are perfect. So it’s up to you whether to choose Laravel for your eCommerce activities or not. But if you say “yes” to this dilemma, feel free to use SapientPro devs’ assistance.