Poco X3 Pro ignites and explodes within minutes of charging

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Poco X3 Pro ignites and explodes just two months after purchase

Smartphones have become one of the essential products in our lives, but it doesn’t look good if they explode or ignite near us or our loved ones. It wasn’t common for smartphones to ignite or explode, but recently we’ve seen various devices explode in the user’s pocket or while charging. Similarly, users recently reported that the Poco X3 Pro exploded just two months after it was purchased. The device was officially launched in India in March of this year.

This report comes from a user named Ammy Bhardwaj who recently visited Twitter and shared a tragic accident. Bhardwaj shared two photos of the device that exploded, stating that the Poco X3 Pro ignited and exploded shortly after it was decharged. You can check his tweets just below.

As you can see, the user states that the Poco smartphone was fully charged before disconnecting from the charging adapter. Only 5 minutes after decharging, Poco X3 Pro It ignited and exploded On the user’s bed. Fortunately, no one was injured during the accident. Only the user’s bed sheets have been ruined.

Now, looking at the picture of the destroyed device, it seems that the battery of the Poco device swelled inside and ignited. There is no image of the front of the device, but the back panel of the smartphone is completely destroyed.

Bhardwaj said he contacted Poco’s official customer care handle on Twitter after the accident.I have a company Reply In response to his tweet, the user reports that no further action has been taken on his device.

Poco has revealed that smartphones have undergone various quality checks prior to their release. However, because lithium-ion batteries are volatile, it’s unclear which one will explode and turn your smartphone into a burning fire stick. Check out the latest detailed videos on YouTube to find out why modern smartphones are prone to exploding right below.

Now, if you’re worried that your smartphone will explode, you need to take precautions. For starters, don’t leave your smartphone next to where you’re sleeping to charge overnight. Instead, monitor the device’s charge and heat level and remove the device before the back panel gets too hot. Also, if the battery seems to swell over time, replace it immediately before the smartphone explodes and is destroyed.