GogoPDF Web-Based Tools You Should Start Using for Your Electronic Files

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Technology continues to be advanced to give people the convenience of life. You can even notice it in file management and organization that has become fast and easy electronically. However, many people still encounter various challenges in handling their electronic files. It could be a lack of necessary skills and knowledge to do the job, or there’s no available and reliable computer software to use. 

No worries! Today, the internet has a wide range of websites, providing people with absolutely free assistance, services, and file tools. One of these in-demand sites available online is GogoPDF. It doesn’t have any computer software that you need to download, but all of its file tools are web-based that you can freely access on its website. Here are some of these web-based file tools of GogoPDF that you should start using for your electronic files. 

Online PDF Unlock Tool 

Online PDF Unlock Tool 

Setting up a password is important to keep your PDF files safe from any form of unpermitted file access and use, especially if these files have sensitive data and confidential information. However, suppose that your PDFs don’t have any of these, but they only contain general details and information. If that’s the case, keeping them password-free seems to be the best option, and GogoPDF can help you process your request by using its PDF unlock tool online. 

Moreover, removing the password you’ve set up in your PDF files won’t take much of your time. You only have to access the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF on its website and get your encrypted files uploaded. After that, let the system start the complete decryption process that will take minutes to finish. 

Then, you can now download the password-free PDF files directly to your smartphone storage or computer file drive. That’s how fast and easy it is to take off the password in your PDF files using the GogoPDF online tool. It’s definitely time-saving and easy. 

Online Password Protect Kit

If keeping password-free is best for PDF files containing general data and information, those with a certain level of confidentiality should have a secure password set up. To do this, you can access and use the password-protect tool of GogoPDF on its website. Like the previous file tool, the entire PDF file encryption process will only take a few minutes to complete. 

Moreover, the system will require you to formulate a secure and unique password. You can incorporate various characters like capital and small letters, numbers, and some symbols you want to add. You only have to make sure that the password is strong and it reaches a certain level of difficulty to decode so that no one can easily access your PDFs without your consent. That’s the quickest way of encrypting your PDF files using the GogoPDF password-protect tool online. 

Online PDF Merge Tool 

Since many people still face various challenges when it comes to an effective PDF file organization, the GogoPDF platform has successfully developed another file tool to resolve this concern. That’s the PDF merge tool that will make your computer file folders neat and well-organized by combining two or more PDF documents and making them in one PDF file.  

Therefore, you can classify all of your PDF files according to a particular category. For example, you can merge PDF files from the same source or combine those with the same purpose. You always have the freedom to apply an effective strategy of categorization. Choose one that you think will work best for you and your files. 

By doing this, you can avoid your PDF files getting cluttered on the device’s screen you’re currently using. As a result, it’ll be easy for you to locate and open the particular PDF files you need because you know exactly where to find them. 

Online Electronic File Conversion Tool

Another in-demand online file tool of GogoPDF is the electronic file conversion tool. It’s the tool you have to use if you’re looking for a specific file format that you can’t find on your device’s file drive. Therefore, you can get your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets converted to PDF format in GogoPDF. 

If you also have some important PDF files that need to be properly kept for years, like certificates of birth, property and land titles, and many others, you have to convert PDF to PDF/A format to maintain and preserve your files’ quality after long-term safekeeping. For more available file formats that you need to process conversion, you can always visit the website of GogoPDF anytime you want. 


When you handle tons of electronic files to accomplish different file tasks, you may find it stressful and so time-consuming. However, the GogoPDF web-based file tools listed above will surely give you immense help. In fact, besides the list that has been recently discussed, you can find more file tools on the GogoPDF website. Check the site now and discover other benefits you’ll get from using this online platform for your electronic files.