pCloud Independence Day Offer: 75% Discount on Lifetime Plans

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Cloud storage has become a staple service for anyone who wants free access to their files from anywhere. One of my favorite cloud storage providers is pCloud. pCloud provides a fast, reliable and robust cloud storage service. Not only that, but for a limited time, pCloud also offers a 75% discount on lifetime plans, making it the default option for anyone looking for an affordable cloud storage provider. You can access Pcloud from your mobile app, the web, or your pCloud desktop drive.

One of pCloud’s USPs is the ability to create virtual disks on your computer. Everything you save here will be instantly uploaded to the cloud and will not take up space on your device. Nevertheless, all files are easily accessible. This works for pCloud’s ultra-fast services that remain unmatched in business.

Popular features of pCloud include organizing data into folders, sharing files via shared links, and inviting to folders. These options are easily accessible by right-clicking on the file or folder you need.

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In addition, you can use the mobile app to automatically back up all your photos from your mobile device. It also has excellent synchronization and backup capabilities that allow you to access your files from any device you use. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you also have the opportunity to access your files. Any changes you make at that point will be updated to pCloud when you connect to the network.

pCloud also stores different versions of files and maintains a digital history. This means that you can use up to 365 days of extended file history to access past versions of files uploaded to the cloud.

In addition, the Swiss cloud has two data areas, the US and the EU, so you can choose where to store your data.

All data is encrypted on the server side for secure storage and protection, so you don’t have to worry about data theft or privacy breaches. There is an option for an additional layer of security using the pCloud encryption folder, which is zero-knowledge encryption.

pCloud offers our readers a tremendous Independence Day deal. Buy the service using the link now and get a 75% discount on your lifetime plan. This is a huge discount and you should take advantage of this offer to get your cloud storage in order.

As a context, most services charge a high monthly subscription fee for cloud storage. With pCloud, you can get lifelong cloud storage at a very low price. Typically, pCloud lifetime plans cost $ 480 and $ 980 for 500GB and 2TB of data, respectively. However, if you buy from the link now, You can get a lifetime 500GB storage account for just $ 122.5, but a 2TB storage plan costs only $ 245. Please note that the discount is only available to Beebom readers. You can use them by clicking the links below. Also, readers from anywhere in the world can click links to get their own deals.

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