Parallels 17 allows you to run Windows 11 on your Mac

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Windows 11 will be available on compatible PCs and laptops later this year, but it can also be installed on Macs that don’t have Boot Camp. The Parallels Windows emulator recently announced the next generation version of Parallels 17. This will allow Mac users (even those using M1 Mac and macOS Monterey) to run Windows 11 on their devices.

Run Windows 11 on a Mac with Parallels 17

For those who don’t know, Parallels Desktop is hardware virtualization software for Mac that allows users to run Windows on macOS machines. The software supports both Intel and M1 Mac and can also run Windows 11 preview. However, there is a problem for anyone running software on an Arm-based system.

So the pitfall for M1 Mac users is that Parallels only allows them to emulate Windows on Arm on Arm-based machines. This basically means that M1Mac users are limited to the Windows on Arm version. This is usually a bit unstable. Therefore, if you are running the Windows on Arm operating system on an M1 Mac, the x86 emulation of Windows on Arm is quite unpredictable, and the x64 emulation still needs some significant improvements, so continue with caution. recommend to.

However, while M1 users have to address the above issues, there are some benefits if you are using Parallels 16. According to the company, Parallels 17 allows M1 users to improve DirectX 11 performance by 28%, up to 33. Windows 10 boot time on Arm Insider Preview VMs has been increased by a percentage. Besides these, 2D graphics performance is 25% faster and OpenGL performance is up to 6x faster. It will be available on both Intel and M1Mac Windows VMs, according to Parallels.

In addition, Parallels 17 has some other internal improvements. For example, it’s now a universal app and supports macOS Monterey. Thanks to this, Parallels 17 can run on macOS 12 machines and even create virtual machines.

You can check out the official video just below.


In terms of pricing, the standard Parallels Desktop 17 subscription price is $ 79.99 per year, or the perpetual license is $ 99.99. However, if you were running an older version of Parallels on your Mac, you can upgrade to Parallels 17 for a price of $ 49.99. In addition, there are Pro and Business versions of Parallels 17, which cost $ 99.99 a year.

You can check out the official Parallels 17 website and buy the software from there.