OWC Thunderbolt Hub Review: Add Thunderbolt Port to Mac

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Dock, dock. Who is there?I know the joke starts knock KnockBut when reviewing “The World’s First Thunderbolt Port Expander,” wordplay is the bare minimum you can. Designed to mitigate port-related issues, the OWC Thunderbolt Hub brings the power of multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports to your fingertips. And more …

The OWC Thunderbolt Hub was a huge success and carried out the first production, which was completely sold out. Now that it’s available again and I got it, let’s see what the hype is and if it’s worth buying.

OWC Thunderbolt Hub: Increases the likelihood of one port at a time

New devices have minimal ports, so you’ll almost need a hub, especially for desk setups and creative professionals. OWC’s Thunderbolt Hub is a unique option with Thunderbolt 4 USB-C and USB-A ports.

OWC Thunderbolt hub with compact form factor

And thanks to multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports, the hub can support an array of devices at the same time while maintaining speed and data transfer rates. Plus, it works fine on M1 or Intel Macs and Thunderbolt 4 PCs.

OWC Thunderbolt hub with 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports


port performance No.
Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) 40 Gb / s Four
USB -A (3.2 Gen 2) 10 Gb / s 1
Kensington Nano Security Slot NA 1

What’s so great about OWC Thunderbolt Hub?

I tried the OWC Thunderbolt Hub and found out why it was so attractive and sold out. It involves a combination of design, performance and security. Let’s examine them one by one.

Design: Minimal and effective

The OWC Thunderbolt Hub boasts a compact (11.8 cm * 7.3 cm * 1.7 cm) form factor that weighs approximately 209 g. The space gray polycarbonate body is a perfect match for Mac aesthetics. In addition, the black glass top looks effortlessly chic on your desk.

OWC Thunderbolt Hub Design with LED Light

led: The glass top has an LED light that glows white when the hub is powered on and glows blue during active data connections. Incredibly, it’s adjustable, that is, you can manage its brightness according to your work settings.

Protect your workflow: Accidental pushes and movements can lead to cable breaks and disrupt workflows. And OWC has a great idea to prevent it from happening. A small hole above each port is for accommodating the OWC Cling On.

OWC ClingOn for fixing cables to Thunderbolt hubs
Source: OWC

These small cable stabilizers, sold separately, secure the connection and ensure a smooth connection even if your pet just jumps onto your desk.

Protect the hub: Thanks to the Kensington Nano slot located next to the power supply. You can easily attach the anti-theft cable. Therefore, no one can pick up the hub from your desk. It is protected even when you are away from the device.

Rubber pad: Smooth rubber legs will not scratch your desk.

Performance: Thunderbolt 4 magic

The big advantage of the OWC hub is the four Thunderbolt 4 ports that guarantee speed, smooth connectivity, and enhanced video and data options. Plus, you can use any USB-C connector, making it an innovative multi-connectivity solution.

Hook them all: You can connect:

  • A / V mixer
  • High-performance storage solution (including NVMe solution)
  • Display – Up to 2 4K or 1 5K / 6K / 8K display
  • Phone / tablet
  • Accessories such as mouse and keyboard.
Connect multiple devices to your Mac using OWC Thunderbolt Hub
Source: OWC

Interestingly, it can also be used with USB-C devices such as iPads and Chromebooks, and can also be connected to hosts devices such as keyboards, SSDs, and external displays (requires an additional USB-C adapter). It may be).

Plug and go: OWC is not an obstacle. Maintains device compatibility with T. Support is not affected whether you connect directly to your Mac or through a hub.

power ups: That is correct! It acts as an efficient dock and can charge your Mac or other device with up to 60W of power. When connected to multiple devices, each Thunderbolt 4.0 port will be 15W and USB 3.2 Gen will be 27.5W.

Surprisingly, the hub keeps the power flowing. This means that your connected device will continue to charge even when your Mac goes to sleep.

Remove firmly: Do not endanger your data or external devices. OWC provides free-to-use DockEjector software that guarantees safe ejection / removal of connected drives.

Professional daisy chain

It’s easy to dream, but daisy chains are complicated to create and maintain. You can use OWC Thunderbolt Hub to create up to three separate “tree branch” chains.

Therefore, connect multiple Thunderbolt (up to 3), USB4, and USB-C bus-powered devices as needed. And most importantly, remove the device from one chain without disturbing the other chain.

OWC Thunderbolt Hub Compatibility

  • M1 Mac; running on macOS Big Sur or later.
  • Intel Mac with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 ports; running on macOS Big Sur or later.
  • A Windows PC with a Thunderbolt 4 port. Windows 10 64-bit version

Why ah why OWC ?: A big mistake

If you think the OWC Thunderbolt Hub is too good to be true, here’s a gap in your armor.

Thick charger: While reviewing OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock, I pointed out a similar issue. The power supply unit (PSU) is even larger and heavier than the hub.

OWC Thunderbolt Hub with Charger

This means that you can pin four Thunderbolt 4 ports to a compact hub, but you can’t pin a smaller solution for charging. It literally robs the equation of the “portability” quotient, and I’m not happy about it.

OWC Thunderbolt Hub: Is the Port Expander Suitable for Mac?


Build quality
Value of money

For creative individuals who rely on multiple monitors, HDDs, or devices that require enormous power and speed, OWC Thunderbolt Hub is the gadget of choice. Plus, if you’re setting up your desk, bulky chargers aren’t a big deal. In fact, the sleek and compact look of the hub is an add-on.

Strong Points

  • Add 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • Create up to 3 independent daisy chains
  • 4K-8K display
  • Backward compatibility with Thunderbolt 3
  • Free dock discharge software


  • Bulky PSU (charging unit)
  • Only 60W charge

price: $ 179.00

Buy now

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