Oppo will showcase its second generation under-display camera.Check out the camera sample

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OEMs are pushing to offer their customers a truly bezel-free display on their smartphones, and are currently pushing the boundaries to fit selfie cameras under the display panel. Oppo exhibited its first-generation under-display camera for smartphones in 2019. Currently, the company has announced second-generation under-display camera technology (via Weibo).

The second iteration of Oppo’s under-display camera technology provides better image quality than previous versions. Oppo’s first-generation version of UDC had image quality issues that the company was officially addressing at the time. However, Oppo’s 2nd generation UDC seems to be a significantly improved version over the previous version.This time, Oppo We used smaller pixels to maintain a 400ppi pixel density of the part of the screen that covers the camera at the bottom of the screen A sensor instead of reducing the pixel density of the upper part of the screen.

As a result, the user will see ” [under-screen camera] The areas in daily use and the rest of the screen create a much more immersive visual experience. “ The company shares an image showing the same on a concept smartphone running an e-reader app. You can check it just below.

Oppo announces next-generation under-display camera

In terms of image quality, Oppo shares sample selfies taken with the new underdisplay camera. Please see the image below.

Oppo announces next-generation under-display camera

As you can see, it looks pretty sharp considering that it was taken with the camera underneath the display. However, if you notice it well, you will see some discoloration in certain parts of the image, indicating that there is room for improvement.

Today, under-display camera (UDC) technology is still an early technology for those who don’t know, but it’s rapidly accelerating in the smartphone industry. We already know that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature UDC technology. In addition, despite quality issues, we have already seen ZTE release the world’s first smartphone with this technology.

Currently, it is currently unknown when Oppo’s new Under Display Camera (UDC) solution will be rolled out to commercial devices. Still, because the technology is second generation, the company can expect to soon introduce UDC to future flagship devices. So what do you think of Oppo’s 2nd Generation Underdisplay Camera (UDC) technology? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.