OperaCryptoBrowser is now available for iOS

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OperaCryptoBrowser is now available for iOS

Opera, which released encrypted browsers on Windows, Mac, and Android earlier this year, introduced the browser to iOS. Web3 and crypto adopters can now start using Opera’s crypto browser on their iPhones.

OperaCryptoBrowser launches on iOS

Opera crypto browser Provides an integrated unmanaged crypto wallet Supports the Ethereum, Polygon, and Cerro blockchain ecosystems. You can use your browser to buy cryptocurrencies and access Dapp for games, including decentralized exchanges, Web3-based NFTs, and over 7,000 polygon-based services. In addition, you can use a browser to restore an Ethereum virtual machine compatible wallet to a native Opera wallet. The company hopes to add more blockchain integration in the near future.

Among other features, the browser comes with a news and data aggregator that the company calls CryptoCorner. With Crypto Corner you can: View crypto-related updates, asset prices, gas prices, events, airdrops, and podcasts.. The browser also includes native ads and tracker blockers, as well as pop-up blockers. In addition, it promises crypto mining protection and even a cookie dialog blocker.

“Interest in Web3 continues to grow. The Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience, which often confuses mainstream users. Opera maximizes the potential of Web3. I think we need to make Web3 easier to use in order to pull it out and adopt it in large numbers. “ Opera’s Jorgen Arnesen said in a blog post.

As mentioned above, you can now download Opera’s crypto browser from the App Store to iOS. You can check out your browser from the link below. The browser is also available on Mac, Windows, and Android platforms.

Download OperaCryptoBrowser (IOS)