OnlyFans bans “sexually explicit content” on its platform

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In a move that surprised everyone, the adult content subscription platform OnlyFans recently unveiled plans to limit sexually explicit content. This announcement has received criticism from both creators and users. OnlyFans is currently Listed the updated terms of use that will take effect on October 1st..

New Terms of Use for OnlyFans

The updated policy is Existing content that violates new sexually explicit behavior must be removed by December 1, 2021. OnlyFans has also clarified that non-compliance with updated policies can lead to account suspension or termination. In addition, access to revenue will be revoked.

That said, the changes for OnlyFans creators are: The company details it in its updated terms of use.

Do not upload, post, display, or publish content on OnlyFans that displays, promotes, promotes, or mentions “sexually explicit behavior.” This means that:

  • Real or simulated sexual intercourse between people of all genders, including genitals, genitals, anal genitals, or oral anus.
  • Real or simulated masturbation;
  • Exhibits of the anus or genitals of an extremely or uncomfortable person.
  • Real or simulated material depicting body fluids commonly secreted during sexual activity.

Quoting the email sent to the OnlyFans creator, The Verge Report “Content, including nudity, will continue to be allowed as long as it complies with the policy.” Posts are more likely to be flagged as sexually explicit content, as evidenced by the significant changes shown in the new policy above. We have to wait for creators to move to another platform or for OnlyFans to revise its policy by October to maintain its user base.