OnePlus 9T or 9T Pro may not be available this year

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If you’ve followed OnePlus’ strategy for launching flagships over the past few years, you know that the company is sticking to the semi-annual cycle of launching new phones. Earn a regular OnePlus flagship series like the OnePlus 9 series earlier this year, and an additional T-series like the OnePlus 8T later this year. According to new rumors OnePlus may skip T-series upgrades this year.. This means that the company may not launch the OnePlus 9T and 9T Pro in 2021.

OnePlus may not launch the OnePlus 9T series this year

Rumors come from the trusted leaker Max Jumper. He used Twitter to share that OnePlus may not launch the OnePlus 9T this year. When asked about the potential of the 9T Pro, he even Added It OnePlus 9T Pro may also not be visible..

In particular, Max was the same person who revealed that OnePlus would skip the OnePlus 8T Pro last year. In line with his leak, OnePlus skipped the 8T Pro and launched only the regular 8T last October. Given how accurate Max is with respect to the OnePlus leak, it can be inferred that the OnePlus 9T or 9T Pro will not be available later this year. That said, you’ll have to wait until the formal confirmation from OnePlus is completely certain.

But the rumor is not surprising. The 9T series may seem strange due to the presence of the fairly high performance OnePlus 9 series, including the affordable OnePlus 9R, where OnePlus has focused on the new Nord CE 5G and Nord 2 5G Nord lineup. OnePlus can add OIS and Snapdragon 888 + to regular OnePlus 9 for T-series upgrades, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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