One of the best Discord music bots, the Groovy bot is shutting down

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If you’ve used Discord before, you may know about Groovy, a music bot that you can use to play music during a voice chat session. Music bots created by small developers played a big role for Discord users. It allowed them to play background music on the server to keep them nice and groovy. However, thanks to Google, Discord’s super-popular music bot is now shut down.

Groovy Discord Music Bot is shutting down

Now, if you’ve used Groovy before, you may know that the bot is getting music directly from a YouTube video and playing it on a Discord server. That is the main reason for shutdown. Google-owned video streaming giant YouTube has issued a cease and desist order to Groovy developers.

According to Google, Groovy Violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service by using the content directly for commercial purposes.. As a result, Google has instructed Groovy developer Nik Ammerlaan to shut down Discord’s music bot within seven days.

“We have notified Groovy of any violation of our Terms of Service, such as service changes or commercial use.” Google spokesperson wrote in The Verge.. The individual further added that the API is for developers who comply with the Terms of Service.

For Ammerlaan, the developers followed the shutdown order and decided to shut down Groovy on August 30th. The developer notified the user by writing a long closure message on Discord’s official Groovy server. Groovy has been added to approximately 16 million Discord servers since its inception.

“Groovy has been a big part of my life for the last five years, because my friend’s bot wasn’t good enough and I thought I could make a better bot.” Ammerlaan wrote. “I would like to thank everyone who used Groovy. You helped shape it into today’s shape. I hope you have a great day. Remember. Please give me. The developer has added more.

An alternative to the Groovy Discord music bot

Nik also confirmed that premium users who paid for the service on Discord will begin to receive refunds in the coming weeks. And starting next week, Groovy on Discord is gone. Therefore, if you want to add another music bot to your Discord server, you can check the carefully selected list of the best Discord music bots to find the alternative you want.