On Twitter, after posting a tweet, you can now “change who can reply” to the tweet.

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Twitter has launched a new feature that allows you to change who can reply to a tweet even after it has been posted. The social media giant has announced this feature with the aim of giving users more control and further reducing the potential for cyberbullying on microblogging platforms.

The company recently announced this feature in an official tweet. This feature allows users to change the accessibility of tweets to prevent certain users from replying. This means that users can now change who can reply to a tweet after sharing it with the world. Check out the tweets attached just below.

For those who don’t know, you can already change the conversation settings of the tweet and choose who can reply to it, thanks to the feature Open to the public in 2020.. However, until now it was only available in Twitter’s main composition window. As a result, users had to set up an audience before sharing tweets on Twitter.

This update allows users to change who can reply to a tweet after sharing it. Therefore, after sharing a tweet, you can tap the three dots to open the overflow menu and see the new one. “Change who can reply” option About a specific tweet.

With this option[全員],[フォローしているユーザー], Or[言及しているユーザーのみ]You can set preferences for. The first setting allows everyone who sees your tweet to reply to it, while the second setting allows only those you follow to reply to your tweet. Third, it prohibits everyone except the person mentioned in the tweet from replying.

This feature is now publicly available and gives users more control over their tweets. The company is looking to add more of these privacy features to improve the user’s social experience on Twitter and reduce bullying and harassment.

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