Nvidia used CEO’s CGI replica in GTC keynote to trick us all

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, tech companies have moved to virtual keynotes to announce or launch new products. This essentially gave these companies the opportunity to show off their video production skills. That’s why Apple unveiled an amazing video transition at WWDC’21 keynote, but popular GPU maker Nvidia recently made some of its April GTC keynote fully computer-generated. I made it clear.

For those who don’t know, during Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference 2021, company CEO Jensen Huang magically disappears after giving one of his speeches and he talks about new technologies. His kitchen, which was there, exploded.

So now, in a YouTube documentary video, the company has revealed that the 14-second portion of his kitchen exploding when the CEO disappeared is actually CGI. So none of that 14 second part is (of course) real, The whole scene was a virtual replica of Huang and his kitchen..

The video explains how Nvidia engineers and visual artists were able to accomplish this feat. To create a model of Huang’s kitchen, the team took hundreds of photos of the CEO’s actual kitchen and rendered a 3D model of the room, including all the details of the kitchen. According to engineers, Jensen’s kitchen virtual replica has over 16,000 elements, including hard-to-find Easter eggs.

Find out how Nvidia created a 3D virtual replica of the CEO and his kitchen for the GTC2021 keynote

For Jensen’s own 3D replica, Nvidia engineers used a truck full of high-end DSLR cameras (literally!) To capture a large number of images of the CEO. Based on these images, engineers and visual artists have succeeded in creating a 3D model of the CEO. They leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) technology to add representations to the yellow model.

Find out how Nvidia created a 3D virtual replica of the CEO and his kitchen for the GTC2021 keynote

So, in this way, Nvidia was able to surprise viewers during the GTC2021 keynote. Check out a recent video detailing the company’s behind-the-scenes work and its purpose in creating an interactive virtual world they call the Metaverse.