Now you have a microchip implant for making wireless payments!

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The company sells skin-embedded microchips that enable NFC-based wireless payments!

With the rapid advancement of technology, the idea of ​​skin-implantable microchips is gradually becoming a reality. It may sound like an idea that came from an episode of Black Mirror, but a company developed a microchip. You can embed this microchip in your hand and make payments truly wirelessly. Let’s take a look at the details below.

A skin-embedded chip for wireless payments? Yes, please!

The idea of ​​a computer chip that can be transplanted to the skin is not a new idea in itself. Last year, I saw a Swedish company developing a similar microchip that could store and display a user’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Today, a UK and Poland digital payments company named Walletmor sells its own skin-embedded microchip that enables users to make NFC-based wireless payments.

“Implants can be used for drinks on the beach in Rio, coffee in New York, haircuts in Paris, or payments at local grocery stores.” Wojtek Paprota, Founder and CEO of Walletmor, said in a statement. “You can use it wherever contactless payments are accepted.” He added further.

Payment tip that can be transplanted to Walletmor’s skin It consists of a small microchip and an antenna packed in a biopolymer., A naturally derived alternative to plastic. The chip makes wireless payments using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used in smartphones. Therefore, users can make wireless payments at any store or retail store that accepts NFC-based wireless payments.

In addition, Paprota states: Payment tip is completely secure Approved by the regulatory agency. It does not require batteries, weighs less than 1 gram, and is slightly larger than a grain of rice.

The company sells skin-embedded microchips that enable NFC-based wireless payments!
Image: Walletmor | Via: BBC

Walletmor The first company to commercially offer payment chips that can be transplanted to the skin Last year, it took the time to sell over 500 of them. A customer named Patrick Pomen, who has an implant, says that he can make wireless payments by hand at the store without a smartphone or payment card.

“The reaction I get from the cashier is valuable!” Paumen said, “This procedure is as painful as when someone pinches your skin.” He added further.

Now when it comes to implant prices, you can Get a Walletmor Microchip for € 199 (~ Rs 16,400).. However, it’s worth mentioning that the chip works in selected regions around the world-only where you can open an iCard account. You can learn more about Microchip offerings by visiting Walletmor’s official website. Also, please tell us your thoughts on this unique payment method in the comments section.