New features and changes have been added to YouTube Music. Check them out!

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New YouTube Music feature introduced

Google is adding various new features and changes to YouTube Music with the aim of competing with industry giants such as Spotify and Apple Music. I recently saw the company testing YouTube Music’s new “Add to Playlists” UI. And now it has introduced a series of backend changes and new features to improve the user experience. Let’s take a look at the details.

New features have been added to YouTube Music: Learn more!

In an official community forum post, Google detailed some of the key features and changes recently delivered to YouTube Music users around the world.Among them, many of the new features such as Snapchat integration, save to queue, And the song / video switcher were already discovered in advance. But the company also Improved YouTube Music radio algorithm Allows users to find new artists and songs in playlists and radio stations.

The YouTube Music team “Backend logic to specify the music to be displayed” View more songs and artists with Song Radio and Playlist Automix. This allows users to find new songs and artists in automix playlists and radio stations.

Google has also improved the YouTube Music platform for smart TVs and game consoles by removing duplicate songs in the “Listen Again” section.In addition, YouTube Music “A trapped family listening to a new family shelf” For those who share their subscription with their family.

Another nifty feature added to the platform is Ability to turn off the autoplay function To prevent the radio station from being automatically generated each time a song is played. Google has also improved the YouTube Music Wear OS app by adding the ability to shuffle downloaded music. Previously, users could only shuffle playlists, but albums were limited to ordered playback.

Therefore, if you like all these new features of YouTube Music, we encourage you to give it a try. However, if you’re already among more than 50 million YouTube Music subscribers, let us know your experience in the comments below.