Netflix Launches Spatial Audio Support on iPhone and iPad

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Apple announced in 2020 an immersive surround sound technology called Spatial Audio for AirPods, but was initially available only on the Apple TV + platform. However, the Cupertino giant has recently begun supporting spatial audio on Apple Music, along with a new Hi-Res lossless audio format. Netflix is ​​currently rolling out support for Apple’s Spatial Audio technology in iPhone and iPad apps.

According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, Netflix has begun rolling out features to iPhone and iPad apps. This allows users to enjoy high resolution surround sound audio while viewing the content on the platform. Confirmation of Spatial Audio support on Netflix is ​​from an official spokesperson.

Therefore, following the latest update, users will see a new spatial audio toggle in the Control Center of their Apple device when watching a movie or TV show on the Netflix app. You can tap the toggle to turn on surround sound audio for your iPhone or iPad content. However, Apple’s Spatial Audio technology is exclusively for high-end ANC-enabled AirPods Pro TWS earphones and AirPods Max headphones.

Now, for those who are wondering what Spatial Audio is, it’s surround sound that adjusts the audio of the content based on the position of the head, relative to the position of the device used to watch the content. It’s technology. This allows users to experience some of the best movies and TV shows on the platform with immersive multi-directional audio.

So if you’re using Netflix on your iPhone or iPad and you also own a pair of AirPods Pro or Max, we recommend that you update the app immediately to make the feature available on your device. .. Also, please tell us about your experience in the comments below.