Netflix confirms that mobile games will appear in the app at no additional cost

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Earlier last week, we saw reports that popular streaming giant Netflix was about to step into the gaming segment. The company has reportedly hired former EA and Oculus executive Mike Verdu to lead the gaming division. Now, in a recent letter to investors, Netflix initially confirmed that it will focus on mobile games included in Netflix subscriptions at no additional cost.

The streaming giant recently sent an official letter to investors detailing plans to add games to the platform.In the letter, Netflix is ​​a game “Another new content category for us, similar to original movies, animations, and extensions to unscripted television.”

In addition, the company has confirmed that the game is included in the user’s existing subscription. “No additional cost”.. In addition, Netflix has it “Mainly focused on games for mobile devices.” Initially. The company quoted previous interactive content such as the decision-based game-like movie Black Mirror: Banders Natch and the Stranger Things game released on Android and iOS in 2019. However, there is no mention of extensions to PC-level games. letter.

As you can imagine, at first, Netflix games may be inferior to titles available on other platforms such as Apple Arcade, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia. However, if positive progress is made after the launch of this project, the company may develop high-end games comparable to its competitors.

There are no details on how Netflix delivers games to subscribers. However, as the game service approaches its launch, the company can expect to share more details. Are you excited about the introduction of mobile games on the Netflix app? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.