Netflix Billing Date Change: 3 Easy Uses (2022)

Why do you like Netflix? Is it due to various Netflix plans or a great collection of TV series? For me, it’s accessibility to some exclusive features that other OTT platforms don’t offer. One such setting is to change the billing date for your Netflix subscription. So if your monthly salary date changes and you want to rebuild your finances, Netflix will understand you. This article describes direct and indirect ways to change your billing date on Netflix. So let’s get started without any further effort.

How to change your Netflix billing date

Changing your billing date in Netflix is ​​a simple task you can perform from your Netflix account settings. However, this feature is not available in all countries. Therefore, you need to resort to some tricks to change Netflix’s billing date in your own way. Let’s see how to change the payment date on your Netflix invoice.

How do I change the billing date on Netflix?

Netflix keeps the user experience very simple. Therefore, you can perform any task with just a few clicks. Here’s how to change your billing date on Netflix:

  • Sign in Access your Netflix account in your browser and Account Setting..
Three smart ways to change your Netflix billing date
  • seek “Change billing dateIs on the right side.
  • Change the date and “Review and confirmation.. “

If you change your billing date on Netflix, you will have to pay the gap immediately. Suppose you want to change the date from November 1st to November 10th. You must pay for these 10 days before continuing the process. You can also choose the last day option of the month if it helps you organize your finances.

Precautions when changing the billing date

There are a few things to consider when changing your billing date. These are some rules and restrictions for this process. Let’s take a look at what you need to remember when changing your billing date on Netflix.

  • This method Debit / credit card or PayPal For payment.
  • This feature Not available in all countries..
  • Billing date You cannot change the billing date. It can be before or after the date.
  • You cannot change the billing date if your account is pending.
  • You are Cannot be changed billing date During the free period..
  • Due to the difference in time zone, the billing date may be the day before.
  • If the billing date comes on a non-repeating day, such as 31st, you will be billed on the last day of the month.

If you are reading this article from a country like India, or if you do not see the Change Billing Date option

What if the Change Billing Date option is not available?

No billing date option

It is common among users that the account does not have a “change billing date” option. This is because this feature is not available in all countries. But don’t worry. There are some second options to finally change the billing date.

Cancel and resubscribe on the desired date

Yes, you read that right. This is a smart way to get a new billing date. After cancellation, you can still enjoy your subscription for the remaining days of your current plan. Then wait for the desired date to resume your membership. If you’re rethinking about losing recommendations, don’t worry. Netflix will not delete your information and choices for 10 months. Therefore, you can return at any time during the period and resume your membership without any problems. Here’s how to cancel your Netflix membership:

  • Go to yours Account Setting With Netflix.
Open your account settings on netflix
  • next,”Cancel membership“Into Membership and billing section..
Cancel your netflix membership
  • Finally, check the cancellation on the next page.

If you are not using the automatic payment method, you can forget your membership for a while. Netflix will put your account on hold unless you pay the amount for the following month. Thus, you only have to pay when you want to see something. In that case, the subscription will be valid for 30 days from the date of payment. However, even if you’re not using Netflix, you won’t be charged unnecessarily.

Plan changes to change billing dates

Imagine Netflix as a salaryman. Prepaid payments will be evenly distributed every day of the month. This means that changing your current plan will shift your billing cycle slightly. Suppose your billing date is the 9th of every month and you are using the standard plan. Now I decided to upgrade my plan to premium. This costs almost twice as much as the standard plan. Netflix wants to enjoy premium benefits without frustration, so we’ll upgrade your plan right away. Instead, pull back the next billing date.

Change your Netflix plan

If your subscription value doubles, you can expect the next billing date to occur half the time from the current date. Therefore, if you change your plan 10 days before the due date, the next billing date will be the 4th or 5th day. Be careful with this calculation. Therefore, you need to visit the Change Plan page and check it manually (visit).

Another notable point is that this trick can only be applied when upgrading a plan. If you downgrade your plan, there is no difference in billing dates. Therefore, if you decide to downgrade your plan, it will take effect during your next subscription period. You will continue to take advantage of all the benefits of the current plan for the running month.

Netflix billing dates can be changed quickly from your account settings, so you need to pay the gap amount immediately. However, this method is only available in a limited number of countries. In such cases, we recommend that you cancel your subscription, take a break, and then resume on your preferred date. On the other hand, if you’re also considering upgrading your plan, Netflix’s billing date will change automatically.

Netflix Billing Date Change: Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cancel Netflix before the billing date?

If you cancel your subscription, you can still use Netflix until the end of your current plan. The changes will take effect after the last day of the current cycle.

Will Netflix be charged automatically?

Yes, recurring payments are billed and debited monthly. However, you can quickly stop automatic payments from your bank to avoid unnecessary charges.

How many days can Netflix pay you?

If your current plan is exhausted and you haven’t paid the next fee, Netflix will retain your account for 10 months. You can reopen your membership at any time during that period without paying for the lost month.

Benefits of changing your Netflix billing date

Here’s an easy way to change your Netflix payment date. We hope this feature is available in all countries, but there are workarounds you can use if it is not available in your country or region. In addition, you can change your Netflix region as needed to get better prices, additional features, and exclusive content as needed. So are you planning to change your Netflix billing date? Please let us know in the comments.