NetEase’s new mobile 5v5 tactical shooter is a brave and explicit clone

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Since Riot released the 5v5-based FPS shooter Valorant last year, the game has become hugely popular with PC gamers. The game’s ability-based agents have added a unique twist to the traditional tactical shooter-style gameplay that has become popular with titles such as CS: GO. It made all the difference to Riot and helped to win Valorant’s large player base. Today, a Chinese company has developed a mobile clone of Riot’s flagship title, incorporating not only clues from Valorant’s book, but also full character and abilities. The criminal here is NetEase and the game is called Project M.

Project M: A brave clone?

A new mobile title called Project M was recently announced by the company, and the beta testing period for the title began earlier this week. The Google Play store will continue until August 6th (today), but I’m not sure which region it’s restricted to.

Project M is essentially a mobile clone of Valorant. Riot has confirmed that it will release a mobile version of the FPS title in the future, but Project M shows what the game will look like on the mobile platform. This is because NetEase blatantly copied all of Valorant’s agents’ abilities and placed them in the various “heroes” of Project M. The developers copied some character designs from Valorant and released them under different names.

Recent videos on YouTube channel GamingonPhone Introducing the abilities of all Project M characters. Therefore, if you are familiar with some of Valorant’s agents, you can easily recognize the capabilities of Project M Heroes in the linked video.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the title name, Project M, is also related to the Riot title. This is very similar to Valorant’s first codename, Project A. Riot developers used this name to refer to Valorant during the 2019 development phase.

So, as you can imagine, NetEase was not only inspired by Valorant, but also cloned the game for mobile platforms. It has no effect for now, but things can become spicy when Riot later releases the rumored Barorant Mobile.