MIUI 13 will be released at the end of 2021 and confirmed by CEO Ray Jun

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We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the next release of MIUI 13, and there are rumors that Xiaomi will announce the next generation of Android skins later this month, but that’s not the case. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed the release schedule for MIUI 13 today, but it’s not in line with expectations.

In an official Weibo post, Jun gives a speech on August 10th each year, revealing the 10 most difficult choices he made during his trip. Since he announced his annual speech event, the community has been interested in the launches taking place at the event. So, in today’s post, Jun calmed down all rumors and revealed that MIUI 13 will not be announced at the August 10th event.

Not only that. Jun further states that the MIUI team is grateful for all the feedback and is working to hone the core experience. It focuses on fixing some issues with the basic experience. Therefore, the release of MIUI 13 has been delayed. Jun concludes his answer by adding that MIUI 13 will be released at the end of the year. And he wants it to meet the expectations of users. You can see the translated text in the image below:

release timeline of miui13

According to a recent leak, MIUI 13 is based on Android 12 and has some new features. This includes a new Control Center, enhanced RAM features (similar to the virtual RAM you’ve seen on Vivo phones recently), Natural Touch 2.0 (improved tactile performance), and a new file manager.

Wait, did Xiaomi watch our YouTube video? In a recent video, Xiaomi suggested optimizing MIUI 13 to remove bugs and inconsistencies. I’ve already seen the community complaining about camera and performance issues, touch / display responsiveness issues, and more. Improves the consistency of the experience across devices. You can check our opinion here:

Well, if you were hoping that MIUI 13 would be announced in the coming months prior to the stable Android 12 release, that’s not the case. However, we hope the Chinese giant will unveil its Android skin later this month and collect feedback from early testers.