Minecraft Frogs: Everything You Need to Know (March 2022)

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An update for Minecraft 1.19 is almost here, bringing some new mobs and biomes to the game. The game has new structures, enchantments, and many other new additions. But surprisingly most prominent is the frog mob in this Minecraft update. Beginning as a simple mob in front of Minecraft’s Allay and Warden, frogs are steadily gaining popularity among the community. That’s because there are variations, new food mechanics, new breeding systems, and some of the coolest animations in the game. But if you haven’t seen the frog yet, you’re in the right place. This guide covers everything you need to know to find, capture and breed all variations of frogs in Minecraft. Frog mobs bring a lot to the table, and we want it all. Now let’s dive into the world of Minecraft frogs without any further hassle.

Minecraft 1.19 Frogs Mob: Explained (2022)

The guide is divided into separate sections that cover different aspects of Minecraft frogs and tadpoles. You can use the table below to explore each at your convenience.

Which Minecraft update will add frogs to the game?

Mojang officially adds frogs to the game with Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. Developers are currently testing this new mob, along with Warden and Allay, in Java snapshots and Minecraft Preview (more on this below). And you can test them right now. The Minecraft 1.19 update with frogs will be available to users in April or May. There is no specific schedule at this time, so stay tuned for more details.

Frogs were first introduced in Minecraft Beta for Xbox, Windows, and Android. These are the official releases of the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update, which will be officially introduced on all Minecraft Java and Bedrock platforms.

What do frogs do with Minecraft?

As the name implies, the Minecraft frog is a reproduction of the actual frog in the game. But unlike a real frog, Minecraft There are only 3 variations The frogs, and each of them, are cute.All these in-game frogs Jump to the height of 3 blocks, This is as tall as our hero. Moreover, unlike non-flying mobs, there is little or no damage from falling, with or without jumps.

In terms of behavior, they sometimes ring and inflate their necks and vocal sac. According to Mojang Frogs swell, fly around and sit on lily pads and have fun.. If not jumping, the frog will walk around using all four legs in a different pattern. When it comes to food, Minecraft frogs only eat small slimes and small magma cubes.

Frog attacks and eats slime

In previous beta versions of Minecraft 1.19, frogs could eat fireflies, and jokingly even goats, but now that’s not the case.Now the frog You can only attack and eat small slimes Magma cube with a long tongue. When eaten by frogs, small slime mobs quickly despawn, but not without drops.

Frog light

When a frog eats a small slime, it drops a slime ball that can be given to the frog later.But more interestingly, when you eat the magma cube, the frog Frog light.. It is a light block of the same color as the dropped frog. The player can then pick up the block and use it for decorative purposes. There are no game recipes that include Frog Light yet.

Where can I find frogs in Minecraft?

Frogs generally spawn near water sources Minecraft With a swamp Mangrove wetland biome In groups of up to 5 people. Besides swamps, frogs can grow in a variety of other biomes, but Mojang has not yet published a confirmed list of such biomes. In addition to natural spawning, tadpoles can also be used to raise and breed frogs to keep them.

Breed frogs in Minecraft to get tadpoles

Just like breeding villagers in Minecraft, you can feed frogs your favorite food and breed them. Therefore, you need to bring the two frogs closer to each other and give them slime balls to enter breeding mode. A heart pops out of the head, marking the beginning of the breeding season.

Frog breeding in Minecraft

Next, one of the frogs goes near the water source and lays eggs. Minecraft does not adhere to the concept of male and female binary gender. Therefore, the frogs that spawn are randomly selected.But All frogs spawn only in waters.. There is no minimum or maximum size for the water body, but an area of ​​3×3 blocks is sufficient.

Frog egg or frog spawn

The technical name of the egg laid by the frog is “Frog Spawn”.. These are non-solid blocks that float above the water source block. If the player is in survival mode, there is no way to get a frog spawn. Even if you have a Silk Touch enchantment, it will break and despawn as soon as you use the tool. However, there is no harm in touching or jumping on the egg in the game.

Spawn or egg

When spawning, these eggs and frogs spawn Hatches to tadpoles after 5-10 minutes.. A group of frog spawns can release up to 6 tadpoles at a time. Their animations and survival patterns are similar to Minecraft fish. That said, learn how tadpoles work in Minecraft to spawn frogs in-game.


As you already know, tadpoles, like Minecraft, are baby versions of frogs in real life. Their health is very limited and most mobs can kill tadpoles with a single hit. Fortunately, their only enemy in the body of water is the axolotl.And they Can’t survive in the water outside More than a few seconds, even in perfect health.

Minecraft tadpoles

However, unlike eggs, players Use a water bucket to carry tadpoles and move them to another location.. In terms of their growth, tadpoles generally take less time to grow into frogs than the hatching process.But you can Feed them slime balls To grow them even faster. The types of frogs they change result in the biome in which they are growing.

Three frog variants found in Minecraft

Minecraft is currently testing three types of frogs, depending on the biome they live in. There are also three variations of the frog (via the Minecraft Wiki):

  • Temperate frog
  • Cold frog
  • Warm frog

Temperate frogs are orange It is colored and can be found in biomes with slightly neutral temperatures, such as swamp biomes. on the other hand, Cold frog is green Only found in cold snow-covered biomes and end dimensions. Lastly, Warm frog is grayAnd you can only find them in hot biomes, including the Nether plane.

Minecraft frog type

Depending on the biome in which they live, tadpoles grow to the temperature frog color of that Minecraft biome. The varieties of their parents and the frog’s spawning ground have nothing to do with the final color of the new frog.

How to find frog variants in Minecraft

As of March 2022, the frog is exclusively for the Minecraft Bedrock beta version and the latest Minecraft preview. Therefore, if you don’t want to wait for the official release, use the linked guide to install Minecraft 1.19 Beta and meet the frogs. However, be sure to back up your existing world before switching to a beta build.


Can Minecraft transport frogs?

Unlike tadpoles, you can’t put a frog in a water bucket. But you can have slime balls and make them obey you.

Can I tame a frog with Minecraft?

Frogs in the Minecraft 1.19 Wild update cannot be tamed or kept as pets. However, you can put them in cages by creating walls that are at least 4 blocks high.

What can I do with a frog in Minecraft?

Other than creating frog lights or placing them for aesthetics, Minecraft frogs have no other functional purpose.

Can Minecraft Frogs Eat Goats?

In the previous beta version of the Minecraft 1.19 Wild update, developers allowed frogs to eat goats as an internal joke. But in the final version, frogs can’t eat goats or fireflies.

What do tadpoles eat in Minecraft?

Both frogs and tadpoles eat slime balls. It grows tadpoles faster and forces frogs into breeding mode.

Meet the frogs with the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

Whether you’re creating a frog light farm or needing a new friendly mob in-game, Minecraft’s frogs will cover it. All you need to do is download the latest Minecraft Beta and start filling your world with frogs right away. However, they are not the only Wild Update mobs already here. The long-awaited mob boss Warden lives in Minecraft. There are also cute and friendly Allay mobs who collect items. Use the linked guides to learn everything about Minecraft Allay and how to try it now.

Also, if you’re using the Java edition, get the latest snapshots to ensure that Warden survives as well. However, activate all the best Minecraft enchantments before fighting new bosses. If you need more help, you can also bring some of the best Minecraft potions with you. Night-vision potions are especially important when fighting in deep, dark caves. That said, it’s time to return to the Frog Swamp, which is just one of the biomes that are getting upgrades with this update. So which is the most exciting new change in the Wild Update? Let us know in the comments below!