Microsoft teases the new Windows 11 Photos app.This is my first look

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Microsoft unveils an improved photo app with an improved UI and more tools ahead of the Windows 11 release

While Microsoft is preparing to release a public version of Windows 11 from October 5, its chief product officer, Panos Panay, is teasing new features and improved looks for various system apps. Panay introduced a new paint app in Windows 11 a few weeks ago. And now he shared the first look of the Photos app redesigned in Windows 11.

Panay recently shared a tweet with a short video showing the new Photos app available on Windows 11. In this video, Microsoft executives showed some of the key design changes for the improved Photos app. Check out the tweets just below.

As you can see, the new photo app is much cleaner and more sophisticated than the existing apps in Windows 10. Unlike the current photo app, when you open an image in the next version, you will only see the image without any additional tools. And options. However, hovering the mouse pointer over the image will bring up an additional UI.

These include a new carousel at the bottom that shows all the images. You can also select multiple images from the bar below and the new Photos app will display them in the same window at the same time.

In addition, instead of the static toolbar at the top of the current photo app, the new version adds a floating toolbar with an option in the top center. There is also a new info button that shows all the details of the image with a click. In addition, if the image contains geotagging information, the new photo app will display the location on a small map to the right of the image.

Panay says it will soon be rolling out for Windows Insider as the new Photos app becomes available. However, insiders are still waiting for the improved paint app introduced earlier. Therefore, Microsoft can expect to offer both improved apps in future updates on the Windows Insiders Dev channel.