Microsoft Teams Get New “Top Hits” Search Feature by End of August

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After adding new personal chat and video calling capabilities to the workplace-centric communications app Teams, Microsoft has introduced a new and improved universal search feature. A new search feature called “Top Hits” automatically generates search results related to your users to help you easily find contacts, files, and other content stored on your team.

Team’s new top hit search feature

The Redmond Giants recently announced the team’s top hit feature, stating that this feature makes it easier than ever for users to find previously searched content.The new search function is essentially Extension of existing AI-enabled search function In a team.

Today, with new top-hit features, the company is trying to make Teams’ existing search capabilities essentially universal. Therefore, this feature allows users to seamlessly search for related files, documents, contacts, and other types of content stored or shared in the app.

Apart from this additional layer of Teams search capabilities, Microsoft has also added some new video conferencing capabilities to its communications app, according to the report. This includes new modes such as reporter mode, standout mode, and side-by-side mode. In addition, the company has added end-to-end (E2EE) encryption to make the platform more secure.

In addition, Microsoft has decided to integrate Teams into the Windows taskbar of future Windows 11 OSs because of the growing user base of Teams. In this way, users will have access to the Windows 11 communications app as soon as it’s released later this year.

The availability of top-hit features in Teams is currently under development, following a new entry in the Microsoft 365 Cloud PC Services Roadmap. It is scheduled to be deployed by the end of this month.