Microsoft Starts Testing “Night Mode” on Xbox Console

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Mobile phone and PC users who like to wake up late at night to play games and scroll through Tiktok and Instagram Reels are familiar with the “night mode” feature. They are their best friends as they help get rid of the blue light by adding a shade of yellow to the display. This is, according to science, easier to see. To assist midnight console gamers, Microsoft is testing a “night mode” blue light filter on the Xbox console.

As reported by Tom Warren of The Verge, night mode is now available on the Xbox Insider’s Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. There are a lot of great things here about all the features it offers. In addition to dimming the screen, you can also customize the power button LED on the console and the brightness of the controller.

The new night mode feature includes[設定]->[設定]->[ナイトモード]You can access it by going to. Here you can schedule when Xbox Night Mode will take effect. If you want the blue light filter to work every night at 9pm, you can do that. You can also choose to enable or disable them based on sunrise and sunset, respectively.

You can also adjust the brightness of the controller from the settings. Instead of the default level, you can set it to the minimum level during the night game. The Xbox Insider test can also automatically switch to dark mode at night. You can also disable HDR when night mode is enabled.

Well, Microsoft seems to have thought a lot about the needs of nocturnal Xbox console players. That’s why we have developed a powerful night mode feature with a myriad of useful settings. You can find screenshots and other details in the official Windows Central coverage on this topic. This feature will be rolled out to all Xbox users in the coming weeks.