Microsoft Rewards 20 year old Indian girl Rs.Rs 220,000 to find a serious bug

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As technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google continue to expand their services and digital platforms, cybersecurity researchers are implementing bug bounty programs to help cybersecurity researchers find critical bugs in their systems and services. Technology companies offer significant financial rewards if researchers discover vulnerabilities that could endanger the system. That’s why a 20-year-old Indian girl was recently awarded $ 30,000 by Microsoft for finding an influential bug on the Azure cloud platform.

A girl named Aditi Singh is a self-taught cybersecurity researcher and analyst who is currently working at MapMyIndia. However, she was able to find an important RCE (Remote Code Execution) on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Details of the bug have not yet been revealed, but Shin was awarded a large $ 30,000 for her discovery.

Shin, who enrolled in one of Kota’s private sector to prepare for the Indian competition exam, is essentially a self-taught cybersecurity researcher. She used a variety of online platform resources to expand her knowledge of programming and cybersecurity.

“I attended Kota’s Allen Institute for Brain Science in preparation for medical care. I didn’t have any prior knowledge of computer science education. I started bug bounty hunting in just one year.” Shin said in a recent interview.

In fact, she admits that she got a job at MapMyIndia without a graduation degree.She “Hacked her way” To get her first job as a company cybersecurity analyst.

“While researching several platforms, I found some vulnerabilities in MapMyIndia. I contacted them and managed to get hired without even a graduation degree.”Singh said in an interview after receiving a Microsoft bug bounty.

So, given her career story, Shin doesn’t think she needs a computer science degree in programming and cybersecurity. She says there are plenty of free educational resources online that you can use to expand your knowledge.

As a word of advice to applicants looking for a bug bounty job, she said, “You don’t have to be an IITian for a bug bounty [programs].. If you’re smart enough to search the internet, it’s pretty easy. Those who want to start ethical hacking should start with Javascript or Python and later take an ethical hacking certificate course. “